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Shanghai Richeng | Corporate Culture Roots Tour

In May, the enthusiasm is like fire. We just finished the gratitude tour of the excellent employees' home visits every year, and we also ushered in the corporate culture root-seeking journey of the subsidiaries from all over the country to return to the Japanese home. We held various wonderful groups in Jinshan City Beach. Activities, in the busy work space, participate in happy outdoor team activities, ease work stress, enjoy the fun of the event, the atmosphere is lively and joyful.

May 17, 2019

    At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the managers of various departments waited early at the company's gate, and all the subsidiaries and office personnel came to the company to participate in the corporate culture root-seeking journey. The managers of various departments urgently looked forward to the arrival of everyone, and warmly welcome everyone to go home.      Although the families of the subsidiaries and offices are busy with the boat, they are still full of enthusiasm. First, record the splendid smile of the Jiangsu subsidiary and come to Zhang Meimei's group photo.

  “Ten years of trees and a hundred years of tree people” first visited the orchards planted by the company’s outstanding employees. Many fruit trees have already blossomed. The outstanding employees of the subsidiaries have taken photos with their own fruit trees, like the passionate loved ones. Later, I visited various departments and workshops, and the managers gave a detailed explanation to the families who came from afar.

   After dinner with family members, we invited two founders, Zhang Dong and Xu Dong, to explain their entrepreneurial legends and growth stories, and to feel close to the two ordinary successful people, especially the chairman. The dedication and professionalism of “I am not altruistic, only for Richeng” gave us a lighthouse and pointed out the direction. General Manager Zhang talked about cultural inheritance and promotion in every employee, every employee to jointly maintain the company, is the company. The basic guarantee of survival, every employee loves the company is the basic condition for the company's development. Once again, let us feel the responsibility and mission of Japanese adults, and we have a long way to go.Richeng

May 18, 2019

     At the beginning of a beautiful day, theRicheng people became enthusiastic and full of expectations and arrived early – Jinshan City Beach.

       Buying tickets, everyone comes in order, here is the blue sky, the sea and the sky, the sea, the beach, the waves, the sun... We are quickly drowned in the ocean of laughter and laughter.

 Warm-up activities: massage exercises

  "Hey, take your hand, hold my hand, hold a lucky grass, hold a concentric circle, let the earth follow our concentric circles, and never stop."

     Manager Zhang shouted the password and directed everyone to "Let us relax together and have a massage exercise together. Please extend your hands. Please put your hands on the shoulders of your partner and help a partner in front of you to massage our brains. relax for a moment!"

Activity 2: Crab Racing
Integrate team agglutination to enhance collective sense of honor

     The squads are ready to go, shouting their team names and slogans, integrating into the corporate culture and enhancing the sense of collective honor.

Activity 3: You play my guess
Improve the mutual understanding between teammates

       After a fierce confrontation, everyone sat down and entered a more casual part.

Dedicated to the honor of the team, and encouraged each other for the honor of the team, the winner is the "loyalty team"
Activity 4: Triangle tug-of-warIntegrate team agglutination to enhance collective sense of honor

     Ready, go forward, the referee whistle, the three teams immediately entered the war, and all three teams made all the stops. The tug-of-war is the most important sport for teamwork. Reasonable teamwork, reasonable personnel matching, and reasonable staff position are the key to the success of the tug-of-war competition. Only everyone in the team works together for the team. Honor and arrogance; mutual encouragement for the honor of the team; mutual dependence for the honor of the team; mutual celebration for the honor of the team, in order to win in the game!

  In the activity, the strength of the team is far greater than the strength of the individual, and the strength of the individual has formed an infinite team strength. Only mind to think about one place, to force one place to defeat the opponent! At the same time, every member of the team will feel the pride of the team's honor for their efforts. After several competitions, the winner was the "loyalty team".

Excellent employee sharing
     The group building activity came to an end. We sat on the beach and listened carefully to the voices of outstanding employees and felt the honor and joy of excellent employees.

     In the end, the chairman of the board presented the award to the team that won the event and encouraged us to work harder for the beautiful home, happiness, and a hundred years of success.

 Richeng Homes Group photo

     At the end of the event, everyone is happy to come to the restaurant to enjoy the food.

May 18, 2019

   The family of Jiangsu subsidiary, Yu Xing, has not finished, with full harvest and expectation to continue to the Bund and visit the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower.

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