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The difference between metal mesh tube and metal hose

In the field of pipe fittings, metal mesh pipes and metal hoses are easy to blur the concept, especially when the layman chooses such products, it is easy to confuse the two products. What difference did they have before?
     Metal hoses include threaded metal hoses and corrugated metal hoses, which are mainly used to protect transmission signal lines, wire and cable, fiber optic cables, and the like. It is mainly used for bathing hoses and kitchen sink hoses in civil applications. It is used in industrial production workshops to protect cable wires from external damage. Metal hoses generally have the characteristics of waterproof, insulation, fireproof, tensile resistance, etc., and have good bending and stretchability.
       The metal mesh tube generally refers to a metal braided tube. It is composed of a plurality of inner tubes. Each layer has a different structure. The inner layer is usually a rubber tube, and the middle layer is an insulating layer. The appearance is a mesh tube woven from stainless steel wire for faucets, toilet pipes, flowers. Sprinkle the pipe fittings.


Compared with metal hoses, metal mesh pipes have stronger toughness, strength and tensile properties, and more households; metal hoses are used as infrastructure installations, and enterprises use more; metal hoses have better sealing properties but are easy to break. The metal mesh tube is low in sealing and easy to leak.

       Therefore, according to the actual situation, a metal hose with better sealing property or a metal mesh tube with better toughness can be selected. 

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