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Cruise ship into a new shipbuilding market green "pilot boat"


Cruise ship into a new shipbuilding market green "pilot boat"
The use of LNG fuel power is becoming the choice of more and more cruise companies around the world. LNG fuel-powered cruise orders have surpassed half of the hand-held orders and become the green “pilot” of the new shipbuilding market.
Since the commercial operation of the cruise ship, the main driving force of the cruise ship is the diesel engine using heavy fuel oil and the gas turbine engine using marine gasoline. Since 2015, cruise companies have gradually sought better alternatives to fuels, one of which is liquefied natural gas (LNG). In the following years, many cruise companies have ordered some LNG-powered cruise ships.
Wärtsilä, the global leader in marine and energy technology, and a French engineering company have designed and built a membrane fuel tank that can store enough LNG fuel without sacrificing valuable space on board. A similar technology has been used on LNG-powered transport vessels in the past and is now used in the cruise industry.
Carnival is the first cruise company to eat crabs. The company's German cruise company AIDA Cruises currently has two cruise ships. LNG power is used when docking. These two ships are named "AIDAprima". "No. and "AIDAperla" number. The company's third cruise ship, the "AIDAnova", will be the first cruise ship to use LNG fuel both at the port and on the voyage.
The Carnival's Costa Cruises will launch the "Costa Smeralda" cruise ship in November 2019, the first cruise ship in the company's fleet to fully use LNG power.
Including the above-mentioned cruise ships, Carnival currently has more than 10 orders for LNG-powered cruise ships, all of which will be delivered by 2026. Two of them are the Costa brand, two are AIDA brands, and two are carnival brands.
MSC Mediterranean Cruises, Disney Cruises, Royal Caribbean and TUI Cruises have ordered several LNG powered cruise ships for their fleet. According to the data, LNG Power Cruises accounted for about half of the new cruise orders each year.
Below is a list of all cruise companies that have ordered at least one LNG powered cruise:
1. Carnival Company has 10 LNG cruise orders including (Carnival Cruise, Princess Cruise, Aida Cruise, P&O Cruise);
2. Norwegian expedition ship operator Hurtigruten has several orders for LNG powered cruise ships, namely "MS Nord-Norge", "MS Nordlys", "MD Nordkapp", "MS Kong Harald", "MS Richard With "No. and "MS Polarlys" number. The company also plans to use a customer-tailored fuel-filled vessel to serve the above-mentioned cruise ships, and the first LNG-powered cruise ship is expected to be operational by 2020;
3. TUI Wayne has two LNG cruise ship orders of 161,000 gross tons, built by Fincantieri and expected to be delivered in 2024 and 2026 respectively.
4. Disney Cruises originally ordered two LNG powered cruise ships, built by Meyer Werft Shipyard. However, in July 2017, the company added an order to the third ship, all three ships will be 135,000 gross tons, with 1,250 standard rooms, which are expected to be delivered in 2021, 2022 and 2023 respectively. ;
5. MSC Mediterranean Cruises signed a memorandum of understanding with STX France in June 2017 to build two 200,000 gross tons of LNG powered cruise ships, which will be delivered in 2022 and 2024 respectively;
6. The Royal Caribbean has three LNG powered cruise ship construction orders, built by Meyer Turku Shipyard, each boat can take approximately 5,000 passengers, the first ship will be delivered in 2022;
7. Norwegian Yacht Voyages has four LNG powered cruise orders, the first of which is called "Caroline" and is expected to be delivered in May 2020. The remaining three vessels will be delivered 18 months apart.
8. France's Polo Cruises (PONANT) has an LNG powered cruise ship order, which is expected to be delivered in 2021 and is called "Le Commandant Charcot". It is the first cruise ship equipped with Wärtsilä design membrane fuel tank.
As a hotel on the sea, cruise ships have an unavoidable responsibility for the protection of the marine environment. The construction trend of cruise ships is getting bigger and bigger, the functions are more and more complete, and the number of passengers carrying them is increasing. The cruise ships are also responsible for more marine environmental protection. As the requirements of environmental protection regulations become more stringent, more and more cruise fleets will join the use of clean energy in the future, and more green technologies will gradually be used on cruise ships.

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