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How to use nylon cable joints

Nylon cable waterproof joints are an accessory for cables and are mainly used in distribution boxes and power distribution cabinets.
1. The connector can lock the cable, and the other end can be connected to the upper part of the equipment box.
2, access to the import and export of the internal thread of the electric equipment, general mechanical control box, switchboard, machine.
3. The electric cable is fixed, which can effectively clamp the cable and achieve waterproofing.
4, control for the installation of materials can be divided into heat-shrinkable (commonly used) dry-package and epoxy casting and cold-shrinking.
5, according to the core material can be divided into copper core power cable connector and aluminum core power cable connector.
6. The main function is to make the line unobstructed, keep the cable sealed, and ensure the insulation level at the cable joint to make it safe and reliable. If the seal is poor, not only will the oil leak, the oil-impregnated paper will dry out, and the moisture will also immerse into the cable, which will reduce the insulation performance.

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