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Ecological upgrade of the construction machinery industry, easy-to-work product partner conference held

       Recently, Yigongpin, an industrial product empowerment platform, held the “Easy Start and Easy Win-Yigongpin Construction Machinery Ecological Partner Conference and the first batch of partners signing and licensing ceremony” in Changsha, Hunan. Yigongpin brought representatives from Sany Group, Sinopec Lubricants, Sanxiang Bank and many other Yigongpin ecological partners to the meeting.

   On the same day, Shao Changshun, vice president of Yigongpin and head of the construction machinery business department, delivered a welcome speech and introduced the current corporate development of Yigongpin to the guests present. Shao Changshun said that as an enabling platform for the supply chain of industrial products, Yigong Product has formed a full-link management system for the three major sectors of large-scale enterprise procurement, enterprise non-production material supply, and construction machinery aftermarket. In the future, it will also use technology Serve every industrial participant. Today, the Yigong product team has more than one thousand people, and the team of various industrial vertical experts exceeds one hundred people. In the future, it will provide more complete and professional services to meet the needs of customers for industrial product procurement.

   Zhao Guorong, VP of the Engineering Machinery Division of Yigong Products, pointed out that in the current market environment, there is a phenomenon of opaque supply and demand information in the market. As a platform, Yigongpin will be committed to promoting closer cooperation between the supply and demand sides, forming a faster and more efficient product supply, production and sales link, and paving a new path for the development and growth of the construction machinery aftermarket.

       At the awarding ceremony, Yigong Products and Longchang Trading (Yunnan), Chongqing Shuanglixing Construction Machinery, Hunan Xinbolong Machinery Equipment Trading, Chongqing Shuanglixing Construction Machinery, Chengdu Zhongwei Zhuote Technology, Liupanshui Kairui Zhengxing Industry and Trade , Guiyang Dingyinuo Mechanical and Electrical Equipment, Guangzhou Kaituo Machinery Equipment, Shandong Hanyu Trading Co., Ltd. and many other enterprises have reached a consensus on cooperation. The two parties have reached a partnership on the supply of goods in the field of engineering equipment. Each partner will also establish digital stores with the support of Yi Gong products to realize data exchange between the two parties, strengthen supply chain management, and optimize commodity logistics scheduling.

       Tang Kai, deputy general manager of Sinopec Lubricant Co., Ltd. Central China Branch, said at the awarding ceremony that Yigongpin has always upheld the corporate vision of "promoting digital supply chain and participating in the definition of future industries" and practiced "digital driving industrial products." The ecological chain continues to upgrade". This development idea also coincides with the development concept of Sinopec Lubricant Co., Ltd.

   Rao Zhongqi, president of Kunming Construction Machinery Industry Association and general manager of Longchang Trading (Yunnan) Co., Ltd., believes that with the changes in the market environment, win-win cooperation is the basic consensus for the survival and development of major brands and distributors. Yigongpin brings together many like-minded industry colleagues with the business philosophy of "self-operating + platform", which broadens the sales channels for the supply side while also providing better purchasing options for the demand side. "In today's increasingly fierce market price competition, Yigong products allow us to maintain an advantage in the fierce competition at all times."

   For a long time, Yigongpin has been committed to providing partners with a better procurement environment for supply, production and sales transactions. Through long-term industry accumulation, Yigong product has united with many partners to form an industrial ecology with the characteristics of Yigong product platform, laid out a win-win symbiosis in the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, and encouraged partners to achieve mutual cooperation based on the idea of fairness and mutual assistance. Share with us to achieve the long-term goal of improving the overall efficiency of the industrial product supply chain, breaking the shackles of the industry, and promoting industrial development.

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