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Wiring duct,Cable Gland,Cable Tie,Terminals,RCCN

Harness industry

 Shanghai Richeng  products are your inner advantages. Harness manufacturers and contract manufacturers are facing many challenges. Customers want you to deliver high-performance cabling solutions at a lower cost while meeting the requirements for shorter production cycles. Richeng is ready to help you achieve your goals.
You can fully trust a highly capable all-around contact. This makes it easier to control costs, simplify the production process, and maintain consistent quality and safety standards. You can get products at all times when you need it, and the widest range of logistics supply chains in the industry can benefit you.
Let Richeng help you reduce costs by providing reliable solutions for organizing, connecting and protecting wires and cables in electrical systems.
Richeng sleeve and terminal design enable a solid connection to meet consistent quality standards and help prevent connection failures.
Richeng  logo solutions, including printers, labels and infrared prints, ensure compliance in the industry.
For easy packing, protection, tying and color coding for components and cables, you can use a full range of wear protection product lines to provide a wide range of sizes and materials

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