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Ex9VF3 Frequency converter

Frequency converter

Low frequency torque, 0.5Hz can output 1.5 times rated torque smoothly;
With 100MHZ high-speed CPU control, the response speed is fast;
Unique dead zone compensation technology, smooth output current waveform;
The product is compact in structure and small in size, which can reduce the installation space of the control cabinet;
Independent air duct design, good fan heat performance;
Adopting the fourth generation 175°C high junction temperature IGBT module design, the product stability is good;
Standard RS485 communication interface, international mainstream Modbus communication protocol;
Standard expansion interface, which can expand the function card according to the special requirements of the market to meet diverse application requirements;
The operation panel adopts a standard network cable interface, and the customer can extend it as needed;
Anti-electromagnetic interference design, the product can pass the four-level EMC test.
Applications: This series of inverters are widely used in large fans, pumps, winding equipment, air compressors, machine tools, precision machining centers, food packaging, medical equipment, printing and dyeing equipment, mining machinery, metal processing machinery, plastic machinery and other electrical Drive and automation control areas.


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