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Ex9QR3 Soft starter

Soft starter

Built-in bypass contactor, easy to use, safe and reliable;
Soft start control mode: voltage mode, torque mode;
Voltage mode: the voltage rises rapidly to the initial starting voltage, and then according to the set boosting time, the output voltage gradually rises until the rated voltage of the grid;
Torque mode: The soft starter output voltage and current increase the electromagnetic torque generated by the motor according to the load characteristics until the start is completed;
It has 10 fault record information, each of which contains the time, current, voltage and fault type when the fault occurs;
With the setting of the second and third motor parameters, the motor with different rated current can be effectively protected when multiple motors are towed;
With operation overload, stall/short circuit protection, start current limit timeout, three-phase unbalance, output phase loss, input phase loss, frequency error, short thyristor
Road, soft starter overheating, motor overheating, bypass switch fault, main circuit overvoltage, main circuit undervoltage, control loop overvoltage, control loop undervoltage, communication fault, instantaneous stop fault, too many starts, start time 22 types of fault protection for long, external faults, internal configuration errors and parameter errors;
There are two ways to park:
Free stop: the soft starter stops output and the motor stops at inertia;
Soft stop: The soft starter output is reduced from the rated voltage to the set buck time t to 0V, and the torque is gradually reduced as the voltage drops;
With RS485 communication interface, the parameters of the soft starter can be set and operated by the host computer;
LCD display with Chinese and English display, intuitive and easy to understand

Application: Ex9QR3 series soft starter can be widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, fire, mining, petrochemical and other industrial fields.


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