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Fiberglass sleeving SRGI


Material: extruded from silicone rubber tube, plus woven glass fiber coated with silicone resin from high temperature treatment.
Color: white, color
Features: Flame retardant, excellent insulation temperature protection
Uses: Widely used in H & N class cars, shipbuilding, motors, household appliances, electric equipment, special lamps and other insulation protection.


Item No.

Nominal inner diameter Inner diameter D Wall thickness W
size  mm mm
SRGI-1 Φ1.0 1.0±0.20 0.6±0.05
SRGI-1.5 Φ1.5 1.5±0.20 0.6±0.05
SRGI-2 Φ2.0 2.0±0.20 0.6±0.05
SRGI-2.5 Φ2.5 2.5±0.20 0.6±0.05
SRGI-3 Φ3.0 3.0±0.25 0.7±0.05
SRGI-3.5 Φ3.5 3.5±0.35 0.7±0.05
SRGI-4 Φ4.0 4.0±0.35 0.7±0.05
SRGI-4.5 Φ4.5 4.5±0.35 0.7±0.05
SRGI-5 Φ5.0 5.0±0.35 0.7±0.05
SRGI-6 Φ6.0 6.0±0.35 0.75±0.05
SRGI-7 Φ7.0 7.0±0.50 0.75±0.05
SRGI-8 Φ8.0 8.0±0.50 0.8±0.05
SRGI-9 Φ9.0 9.0±0.50 0.8±0.05
SRGI-10 Φ10.0 10±0.70 0.9±0.05
SRGI-11 Φ11 11±0.70 0.9±0.05
SRGI-12 Φ12 12±0.70 0.9±0.05
SRGI-13 Φ13 13±0.80 1.5±0.05
SRGI-14 Φ14 14±0.80 1.5±0.05
SRGI-15 Φ15 15±0.80 1.5±0.05
SRGI-16 Φ16 16±0.65 1.5±0.05
Specifications: Self-extinguishing time: 30 seconds
Model / certification number Test Conditions Flammability Temperature Average voltage Individual values
SRS-70 E233803 UL1441 UL VW-1 +200℃-10℃ 7000V 6000V
Performance parameters:
project Performance
Continuous use temperature range -10℃+200℃
Temperature resistance 265℃±2℃ 168>1/2The original voltage value of the original voltage value
Heat aging 260℃、6Hours, no cracks
Cold bending No cracks
Burning horizontally <30second
Combustion (V W-1) <30second
Hydrolytic stability Not sticky, not deformed, not softened

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