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Cable tie fixed seat

Nylon cable tie holder

Material: UL qualified NYLON66 (color), fire rating 94V-2, not easy to aging, high insulation.
Usage: Drill the substrate, and then insert the fixed insertion on the substrate, complex to tie cable into the hole, you can use.
FC cable fixed seat, fixed seat
Material: UL qualified NYLON66 (black), fire rating 94V-2.
Features: Only the wire placed in a round hole, gently button to complete the wiring work is both time-saving and easy, you can loosen repeated use.
New imported raw materials made of nylon and imported adhesive support, easy to use after use off. Fixed wire effect is good, cost-effective.
KWS saddle type thread clamp (hook type)
Material: UL qualified NYLON66 (color).
Fire rating: 94V-2, not easy to aging, high insulation.
Usage: 4.8mm substrate drilling, the first clip line set, then the wire to be fixed into the sleeve, gently buckle from both sides, you can power
Catch firmly, for any direction and angle of the fixed wire.
Special offer a limited number of while stocks last, the large price is better.


Item no pcs price
CH-8 1000 0.44
CH-6 100 0.39
PHC-4B 8300 0.763 
FC-50 399 3.63
FC-635 85 4.032 
KWS-3 2000 1.068 
AWS-1210 0 1.885 

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