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Testing laboratory


Name:Diving experiment device
Name:High temperature test chamber 
Name:Temperature and humidity test chamber 

Name:Ozone aging test machine  
Name:Universal push - pull testing machine 
Name:Plastic moisture meter
Name: Salt spray test machine
Name:Small push pull gauge
Name: Flame Retardant Tester 

Product range

Name: Constant temperature water tank
Name: Universal color difference meter
Name: Image measuring instrument
Name: Voltage resistance tester
Name: Melt flow rate tester  


Name:  Tube type ultraviolet weathering test case              
Name:Notched prototype
Name: Izod Impact test machine       
Name: Standard light source box

Guidelines for use

 Main testing equipment
 Items no. Name Part no. Test content Test standard  Effect Test accuracy  Test range
1 Salt spray test machine SYW-60L salt spray test GB/T2423.17-2008 Used to test corrosion resistance of metal products,under salt and fog created by the fog test machine ±0.2℃ 10℃~50℃
2 High temperature test chamber 320*350*450 High temperature resistant test GB/T2423.2-2001 To test and determine the parameters and performance of electrical, electronic and material temperature environment changes after high temperature or constant test ±0.2℃ 10℃~200℃
3 Temperature and humidity test chamber 320*350*450 High and low temperature test GB/T2423.1-2001 Test and determine the parameters and performance of electrical, electronic and materials after temperature or constant temperature test ±0.2℃ -40℃~200℃
4 Ozone aging test machine  SQL-100 Ozone aging test             GB/T7762-2003 In view of the rubber to the ozone sensitive this characteristic, uses the method which adds the environment simulation to accelerate the rubber to be ozone aging process               10℃~60℃
GB/T136421-92 A technique for testing the ageing resistance of rubber products
5 Universal push - pull testing machine HS-3000A Rally test GB/T16491-1996 Test products to withstand the maximum tensile strength 0.5 1~200KG
6 Flame Retardant Tester HVR-75 Flame retardant test UL 94 The early stage of the ignition of the surrounding environment of the electronic electrical products, / 0-9999S
For simulation evaluation of fire hazard, the product around the fire to ensure not to cause combustion
7 Plastic moisture meter SFY-20A Moisture content GBT6284-2006  Quick and accurate testing of the moisture content of the product 0.001 0.01%
8 Melt flow rate tester   HS-XNR-400A Raw material melt GB/T3682-2000 Plastic melt flow rate determination ±0.2℃  
9 Standard light source box TILO T60(4) Test chromatic aberration   Used to correct the color deviation of the product.    
10 Izod Impact test machine                          HS-XJU-5.5 Material impact force GB/T1843-2008 Characterization of brittle and ductile materials under specified impact stress ±0.2℃  
11 Notched prototype HS-001 Material spline GB/T1043-1993 For a sample supporting beam, cantilever beam impact test of the gap ±0.2℃  
12 Tube type ultraviolet weathering test case                     340 wavelength Material UV GB/T16422.3-1997 Under a certain period of time to simulate the ultraviolet light radiation to test the ability of ultraviolet radiation aging ±0.2℃  340 wavelength
13 Water pressure gauge SB-10MA Part water pressure     ±1% 2000PSI
14 Voltage resistance tester 320*270*180mm Material resistance voltage (High voltage and voltage resistance tester - National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau issued) Check the insulation withstand voltage or over voltage ability, and then test the insulation performance of the equipment is in compliance with safety standards ±5% 5000V
15 Small push pull gauge HPA200 Thrust meter     ±1% 0-200NM
16 Constant temperature water tank SHHW        room temperature-99°C  
17 Image measuring instrument UVA-340   GB/T24762-2009 The displacement value of the optical ruler can be read quickly, and the operation of the software module based on the space geometry is established.    
A moment to get the results of the results; and on the screen to produce graphics, for the operator to map the control
The possible deviation of the measurement results can be directly resolved.
18 Universal color difference meter SC-10 Measurement of chromatic aberration   Automatic comparison between sample and the color difference between the samples, the output of L, a, B three groups of data and after the color of the E, L, a, B four groups of color data    


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