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What is IATF16949?

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in March 2002 announced an industry quality system requirements, its full name is "quality management system - the automotive industry production and related services, the organization and implementation of the ISO9001 special requirements", English For IATF16949. In response to the ISO9001: 2015 quality management system, the updated standard in 2016 is IATF16949: 2016.

ISO / TS16949 is the global automotive assembly plant on its supply chain suppliers quality requirements of the international standard certification system. Is based on the ISO9001 basis, added to the automotive industry technical specifications.

▼ TS quality assurance system certification of the ten concepts

1, "the first" concept, that "the quality is always in the first" principle

For example, ( product and production process failed to immediately notify the competent person in charge of the quality of the person in charge the right to stop production and timely remedial measures, designated full-time staff to ensure product quality;

2, "value" concept

As Deming says, there is a way to create quality from the beginning, rather than relying on inspection (non-value-added activities) to ensure product quality. Product realization process is a value-added activities, to minimize non-value-added activities, this concept runs through the TS16949 always.

3, "customer" concept

For example: ( Product specifications and their changes should be reviewed as soon as possible and no more than 2 work weeks; (6.3.2) In case of emergency, timely improvement plans to meet customer needs; ( (7.1.1) Plan the product to achieve the quality of the target book to include the requirements of the customer requirements, such as the requirements of the product, such as the special requirements of the product, quality objectives and related training, supervision and prevention measures to be timely design and development; ; (7.1.3) Note that the customer commissioned the product design and manufacture of confidentiality agreement;

4, "lean" concept

Lean is to reduce waste and create value. For example: to Seiko manufacturing principles and quality management system combined with the effectiveness of equipment planning;

5, "double effect" concept

( Quality management system performance review, should include the whole process, performance trends as a basis for continuous improvement; (3) The quality management system performance review,

6, "prevention" concept

( preventive and predictive maintenance (TPM) is the focus of the concept of prevention (PMEA), as well as preventive and predictive maintenance (TPM), as a potential failure mode and consequence analysis (FMEA) output control plan ( or APQP; Process control to the extreme;

7, "training" concept

Excellent business should have a "strong and effective" training program, so that employees adapt to the development of enterprises. For example: ( Qualification and skill requirements for product technicians; ( Training requirements for product quality-related personnel, with particular attention to customer-specific requirements;

8, "compatible" concept

TS16949 technical specifications to absorb the QS9000, VDA6.1 a lot of results, such as in the audit process, drawing on VDA6, 1 made a manufacturing process audit ( and product audit ( requirements. ( The internal laboratory of the enterprise shall indicate the scope and capability, and if it meets the requirements of ISO / IEC 17025 "General requirements for testing and calibrating laboratory capability gaskets", it is best not to enforce; 3.2) entrusted to external laboratories to comply with ISO / IEC 17025 or equivalent national laboratories;

9, "wrong" concept

(3.1.3) is designed and developed to prevent the manufacture of substandard products and manufacturing processes;

10, "statistics" concept

Both Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Measurement System Analysis (MSA) have emphasized the use of statistical techniques

ISO9001, TS16949 represent all the operational procedures of Richeng in the design, procurement, manufacturing, testing, document handling, transportation and service, all of which meet the international standards and effectively demonstrate the commitment to quality in all respects.

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