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2017 Beijing International Industrial Intelligence and Automation Exhibition (IA-BEIJING) RCCN exhibition hall 11-85


Shanghai Richeng Electronics Co., Ltd. Booth 11-85

Beijing International Industrial Intelligence and Automation Exhibition is based on an important industrial base in China. It is deeply engaged in many industrial leading enterprises in China's northern region, including automobile, machinery manufacturing, rail transportation, energy and power, machine tools, metallurgy, petrochemical, aerospace , Bio-medicine, food and beverage, packaging and printing industries

Global industrial development has entered the 4.0 era, showing a rapid development trend. China's intelligent industrial market, large-scale equipment manufacturing, metallurgical industry, petrochemical, automotive, and other key national industries, are in the industrial upgrading, the urgent need for intelligent, industrial automation and other new technologies applied to production. National "intelligent manufacturing technology development 'second five' special plan" clearly: to vigorously develop intelligent manufacturing, information and automation on the basis of the knowledge of experts continue to integrate into the manufacturing process to achieve intelligent design process, manufacturing process intelligence And intelligent manufacturing equipment, to achieve anthropomorphic manufacturing. China's industrial market sales have accounted for one-fifth of the global total, becoming the world's largest industrial intelligence and automation market development countries, China "intellectual industry" is ushering in unprecedented opportunities for development, more than half of the enterprises are automation Urgent need to improve the key industries, which is a rare industrial automation vendors business opportunities, more and more industrial automation leader will also be the Chinese market as an important development goals. To promote China's industrial intelligence and automation process, to meet market demand, "2017 The 13th China Beijing International Industrial Automation Exhibition" will be held May 10-12, 2017 in Beijing, China Exhibition Hall was held.

    AIAE is based on industrial production, process energy as a platform, the use of integrated mechanical transmission technology, electrical machinery technology, microelectronics technology, computer technology, machine vision technology, process control technology to build efficient automated production system to enhance the industrial production management, safety Quality, efficiency, and to achieve intelligent, digital, information-based production environment. "AIAE Beijing" adhere to the theme of the same subject, the content of continuous innovation is the fundamental purpose for enterprises, research and development institutions, academic groups, investment and financing institutions to build an international exchange and cooperation platform. Will take the industry forum, academic exchanges, product promotion, exhibitions, trade negotiations, procurement and other forms of combination, fully embodies the authority and effectiveness of the show.

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