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Automotive wiring harness material selection importance

Automotive wiring harness on the material requirements are also very strict:

Including its electrical performance, material distribution, temperature resistance, etc., are higher than the average wiring harness requirements, especially with regard to safety: wiring harnesses such as direction control systems and brakes are more stringent.

1, the engine ambient temperature is high, corrosive gases and liquids are more, therefore, the engine harness wire must use high temperature, oil, vibration, friction wire.

2, the automatic transmission on the wire is resistant to hydraulic oil, high temperature, good temperature stability of the wire.

3, luggage compartment wiring harness on the wire to maintain its flexibility at low temperatures, so to choose cold elastic wire to ensure its normal work.

4, weak signal sensor to use shielded wire, such as the detonation sensor and crankshaft position sensor, ABS wheel speed sensor.

5, ABS harness assembly used 150-200 ℃ high temperature, the outer protective insulation hard, wear-resistant, but the core wire to be greater than 133 stranded wire.

6, power lines, such as starter alternator output line Battery wire used to withstand high-current insulating layer heat dissipation, voltage drop special wire.

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