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How important is the periodic inspection of PV power plants?

Avoid fire risk

Long-term operation of photovoltaic power generation equipment in outdoor environments, light, rain, sand and other erosion will accelerate the aging of cables and connectors and other equipment, leading to decline in equipment insulation, resulting in equipment failure or even lead to fire.

Therefore, it is necessary to regularly test the electrical wiring and power generation equipment of the photovoltaic system, make necessary repairs or replacements for the aged cables and equipment, ensure the safe operation of the system and reduce the risk of fire.

Excluding device hidden fault

PV modules in the transport, installation of non-standard operation will cause internal cracks, trees, weeds or bird feces will block the formation of hot spots, these hidden failures will not only affect the output performance of components, will lead to serious cases Fire accident

Because these hidden failures are not directly visible to the naked eye, it requires the use of professional equipment to carry out regular testing of components to eliminate hidden failures in a timely manner to prevent the occurrence of safety incidents.

Prevent grounding failure

As with all electrical equipment, PV modules and mounting systems must be grounded to reduce the potential for electric shock and fire. If the grounding system performance declines over time, it increases the risk of electrical shock to the metal parts of the personnel involved in approaching and touching the PV system.

Ensure monitoring data accuracy

At present, the operation data of most photovoltaic power station combiner boxes, inverters and other equipment have realized the background remote monitoring to meet the needs of intelligent operation and maintenance. However, in reality, some data collection error of equipment operation is too large, which makes it difficult to remotely judge the equipment failure from the background, thus losing the meaning of remote monitoring and preventing intelligent operation and maintenance.

Therefore, it is suggested to regularly monitor the collected data of the equipment and calibrate or repair it in time to ensure the accuracy of data collection of equipment operation and improve the accuracy of remote monitoring in the background so as to meet the needs of intelligent operation and maintenance.

Master equipment operation performance

Regularly inspect the performance of the photovoltaic system power generation equipment, master the operation status and performance of the equipment, and timely repair or replace the equipment with serious performance degradation to ensure the stable power generation efficiency of the photovoltaic system.

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