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Fujia Railway Contact Network has been successfully delivered all over the line. This year's "Spring Festival" official operation

At 14:36 on January 16th, under the joint witness of a number of participating units such as the owner unit, design unit, and supervision unit, the three railways of the Fujia Railway, built by the China Railway Construction and Electrification Bureau Group, were all traction and substation. The three sub-districts and two opening and closing stations were closed one by one, and the contact network was successfully delivered once. After thorough testing, all equipment operations are normal.

  As a key project of the Shanghai Railway Bureau, Fujia Railway is an external express passenger and freight passage in Huaibei. In order to ensure the smooth opening, China Railway Construction Electrification Bureau Group has attached great importance to it and set up a power transmission supervision group. In the preliminary work, the project department has faced many constraints such as the “Wenbia” typhoon flood disaster, the wide range of construction operations, the tight schedule, and the severe security pressure. Under the leadership of the supervision team, all party members and cadres actively played a vanguard and exemplary role, faced difficulties and organized meticulously, convened a special power transmission conference, set up an emergency support team, timely organized equipment testing and debugging, defect rectification and external coordination to ensure construction. The details are safe, accurate and reliable, ensuring that the entire power transmission process is controlled and in one go.
It is reported that Fujia Railway will be officially operated during the "Spring Festival" this year. By then, Huaibei City will build a fast foreign passenger and cargo transportation channel, improve the existing railway transportation capacity, optimize the layout of Anhui railway network, and promote the economic and social development of Weibei and Central Plains. Coordinated development plays a major role.

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