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How to choose the terminal block

The quality of the terminals is determined by the plastic insulation and conductive parts, which determine the insulation and electrical conductivity of the terminals. Failure of any of the terminals will pose a significant threat to the owner's personal and property safety. Similar painful lessons have taken place at home and abroad.

In recent years, with the vigorous development of China's decoration industry, terminals that are indispensable for electrical connection have been widely used. This has also caused the terminal manufacturers to spring up like mushrooms.

Xiaobian summed up the method of purchasing the terminal block for your reference:

First, the appearance

High-quality terminal blocks should have good workmanship first. If you can't pass the visual inspection, you don't have to waste time to conduct electrical tests. So, what kind of terminal blocks are considered to be good workmanship? Xiao Bian believes that qualified terminals should be undeformed as a whole, with a smooth surface, no scratches, no burrs at the corners, and uniform wall thickness.

Second, the material

The first is plastic parts, which must have good flame retardancy. The simple test method is to ignite with an open flame. When the plastic parts leave the open flame, the terminal has good flame retardancy.

Third, the insertion force

The plug and the needle seat have a high degree of fit, and there is no phenomenon that the insertion force is too high or too low.

At present, domestic brands have a certain gap with foreign brands in terms of technology, processing and manufacturing, industrial design and other aspects. Without reliable terminals, our life and property safety is not guaranteed.

Classification of terminal blocks

The terminal blocks can be roughly divided into: plug-in terminal block series, European-style terminal block series, fence type terminal block series, spring type terminal block series, rail type terminal block series, and through-wall type terminal block series.

Many devices in daily life often require terminals to be connected to them. After connecting, they can play a role in transmission, especially in the electrical field. Terminals are especially important.

As a kind of connector, the terminal block is an important component in the electrical industry and plays an irreplaceable role. When selecting the terminal block, engineers and technicians must carefully select the terminal block suitable for their own products to ensure the normal operation of the product.

The selection method of the terminal block has been introduced for everyone. It is important to remember that the choice of the terminal block must not be cheap, so as to avoid the regrets of life.

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