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How to choose a suitable waterproof connector

The operation of a joint affects the function of the entire equipment, and the suitable waterproof joint can bring about a multiplier effect. So, how to choose a suitable joint? We can consider the following related aspects:

1. Types of joints What to connect and where to use these issues is the first consideration, which determines the type of industrial waterproof joints selected. The location where the joint is used (indoor, outdoor, corrosive environment, etc.) can affect whether the air plug is to be sealed or the housing is covered outside the insulative body. The type of connector determines which termination (terminate) to use and how many conductive terminals to organize. Of course, this also touched on some of the terminal skills.

 2, electrical requirements When selecting electrical connectors, consider the electrical requirements of the product. The voltage and current requirements of the product, whether the connector is used well in such electrical properties, these questions about the electrical requirements are the needs of us to consider. In addition, we also need to consider other electrical conditions: resistance, allowable resistance change, millivolt drop, maximum current value, maximum voltage value, inrush current value, characteristic impedance, VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio), plug Pull loss and EMI cover power.

 3, environmental requirements Temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions are determined by the location of the joint, so the location and expected environment should be considered. And the shelf life of other relevant storage conditions and what the information is. The description of the environment should also cover the requirements for impact and oscillation, including requirements for shipping and environmental conditions such as welding temperature and welding cycle duration. The adapter manufacturer indicates that the area around which the highest temperature occurs is the continuation of the current drawn by the adapter.

 4. Mechanical performance requirements Regarding the plastic waterproof joint, what kind of volume and footprint is useful; what is the scale of the public service that can be agreed; what is the penetration and pull-out force of the terminal; the durability of the adapter What is the nature of the sex (the frequency of plugging and unplugging)? These elements are all considered when selecting the electrical connector. For example, for printed circuit boards, it is important to determine the board's public service. It is the critical value of the card edge connection and the feasibility of reaching the critical point. For low-power circuits, it is necessary to specify the plating and underlying data in accordance with the signal specifications and environmental ratings.

5, nylon waterproof joint manufacturers can choose about 25 test organizations (the proposed standard) as the origin of its adapter full or partial test standards. It is necessary to consider the selection of appropriate test standards for specific application conditions, including the state of the world.

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