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Photovoltaic power generation, like air conditioning, has become a daily household appliance.

Air-conditioning, from the 1980s, has entered our homes, remembering the days when we were blowing fans in the house. Air conditioning is now standard on every home.

Photovoltaic power generation is now in full swing. It was originally a part of the wealthy people's equipment. It was installed on the roof and became a popular representative. If it is installed in the early days, there may be local TV to interview every day. After all, it is the first person to try. It is like the first person who installed air conditioners in the year. The whole village people came to the house to blow air conditioners, and they were surprised and surprised.

Nowadays, photovoltaic power generation has gradually become popular, not only has become an essential electrical appliance for every household, but also a tool for making money.

Why is photovoltaic power generation like the air conditioner, become the daily electrical appliances of the family?

The country vigorously promotes photovoltaic power generation

The reason why photovoltaic power generation has developed so rapidly in the past two years is mainly the vigorous promotion and support of the national photovoltaic policy. With the advancement of science and technology and the rapid development of the economy, environmental issues have gradually become an urgent matter. For this reason, the state strongly encourages the development of household photovoltaic power generation.

Distributed photovoltaic construction on the roof of industrial and commercial buildings or on the roof of residents, does not occupy redundant sites, and generates electricity near the end of electricity. It is one of the most important forms of power generation in the future. Each household can produce electricity and integrate it into the power grid. Self-use of surplus power to access the Internet or "full online access" mode.

Now installing household photovoltaics, not only can get the subsidy of 0.18 yuan per kilowatt-hour of the state, but also various types of subsidies and other incentives introduced by local governments.

Non-consumable, but a money-making tool

Photovoltaic power generation is different from air conditioners in that it is not a consumable item. It can make money continuously for 25 years and provide continuous and stable cash income.

After users install PV on their roofs, they only need one-time investment, which not only saves 25 years of electricity expenses, but also receives high national and local financial subsidies. For ordinary citizens, this is a simple and stable financial management method. .

From the beginning to the present, photovoltaic power generation is not only a power supply tool, but also a reliable financial management tool for users. Household photovoltaic power generation is spreading everywhere in the country.

No need to worry about maintenance, save effort

Many users ask about photovoltaic power generation. Since it is a power generation equipment, is it really pollution-free and loss-free?

This is true for photovoltaic power generation. She uses solar energy to convert electricity into electricity. Without any chemical product additives, she uses crystalline silicon light-sensitive materials. Moreover, the power generation process does not have any noise and pollution. It uses solid and reliable PV modules and has a life span of 25 years. It is estimated to decay by up to 20% after 25 years.

More importantly, photovoltaic power generation and air conditioning are different. It does not need to be turned on and off every day. It is automatically operated. It does not require regular maintenance and replacement of parts. Although it is installed outdoors, snow or dust does not affect it. What kind of interference is generated, just wipe it with a year and a half.

Many people are not very clear about photovoltaic power generation, thinking that it is black technology. In fact, like air conditioners, it has become the daily electrical appliance of every household, but it is a power generation facility, and it is a fixed money that can make money. assets.

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