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Talking about the poor dielectric strength and conductivity of insulated terminals

Talking about the poor dielectric properties and conductivity of insulated terminals:
The plastic insulation material of the insulated terminal and the quality of the conductive member are immediately related to the quality, which determines the dielectric strength of the terminal device and conductivity. All common failures of one terminal device will result in unsuccessful engineering projects for all system software. It is a heavy experience in this country that is very unforgettable in all countries of the world. Prevention is the purpose, and profiling is basic. To some extent, preventing unsuccessful is more critical and not an unsuccessful analysis. Its clear quality and credibility of terminal equipment has more practical practical significance. From the point of view of the application, the terminal block should be used to exceed the position of the touched area, and the area that is turned on and off must be turned on and off. In the area where the insulation layer is not to be turned on and off, the insulation layer must be reliable. There are several common types of fatal failures commonly found in terminal blocks:
1. Insulation is poor
The function of the conductor and the insulator is to maintain the proper order of the contacts and to make the contact between the contact and the contact, and the contact between the contact and the cover. Therefore, the insulation layer must have high-quality electrical equipment characteristics, physical properties and processing characteristics. Very close to it, the universal application of practical terminal blocks, the reasonable thickness of conductors and insulators is getting thinner and thinner. This clearly puts more stringent regulations on the insulation material, the precision of the plastic mold and the forming process. Because there are unnecessary metal materials in the surface layer or inside of the conductor and insulator, surface dust, flux and other environmental pollution return to the tide, organic chemical raw material dissolved matter and hazardous gas adsorption film combined with surface shrinkage water to produce a positive ion conductive safety channel, damp The mold, the embrittlement of the insulating layer, etc., are all potential safety hazards caused by short circuit faults, power failure, thermal breakdown, and poor grounding resistance.
2. Loose
The metal material inside the insulated terminal block is the key component of the terminal. It will be derived from the working voltage of the external cable or cable, the current amount or the data signal is transmitted to the matching contact of the RF connector. Hit the piece. Therefore, the touch member must have a high-quality structure, a smooth and reliable touch maintainability and excellent conductivity. Because the overall design of the touch parts is not scientific, the raw materials are not used correctly, the grinding tools are not stable, the production and processing specifications are biased, the surface layer is not smooth, the surface treatment process such as the quenching and tempering treatment process is unscientific, the assembly is not good, the storage application is difficult and the actual operation Incorrect operation is caused by loose contact at the touched position and the mating position of the touch member.
3. Fixed and unsatisfactory
The conductor and the insulator not only function as an insulating layer, but also show accurate centering and maintenance for the raised touch parts, and also have the function of accurately positioning and clamping and fixing on the machine equipment. The fixed and unsatisfactory is not good, but the light touches the reliable signal and turns off the power supply for a moment. The more serious is that the product collapses. Disintegration means that the terminal block is in the case of plugging. Because of the raw materials, design schemes, processing techniques, etc., the power plug and the power socket caused by the unreliable structure are separated, and the abnormality between the needle plug and the socket is separated, which will lead to automatic control. System electromagnetic energy transmission and data signal manipulation are severely endangered. Because the design scheme is not reliable, the material selection is not correct, the forming process is poorly selected, the quenching and tempering treatment, the grinding tools, the assembly line, the welding process and other processing techniques are poor, and the assembly line is not timely, etc., which leads to the unsatisfactory fixing. In addition, due to the peeling, etching, smashing, edging, cracking of the molded case, the appearance of the contact parts is not smooth, deformation, etc., because of the poor positioning, precision positioning and tolerance tolerance, integrity The quality of production and processing is poor, and the total separation force is so great that it causes a major reversal. It is a common disease and a common disease. This inaccuracy is generally able to handle the periodic inspection application of the entire process in a timely manner.

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