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Photovoltaic power generation helps rural economic development

"Since we have photovoltaic power generation, we have had a fixed income every year, and we have more money in the village ..." Speaking of photovoltaics, Uncle Li Yingwu of Dongdabeitou Village, Yi County, Baoding, Hebei, praised him.

State NetEase County Power Supply Company invested a total of 2.4 million yuan to build a distributed photovoltaic power station project with a capacity of 307 kilowatts and successfully connected to the grid to generate electricity, which can bring more than 300,000 yuan in photovoltaic revenue to the village collective.

Up to now, the company has increased the capacity of newly assembled electric transformers by 400 kVA, implemented the village's low-voltage power grid transformation, and the village's production and living electricity reliability rate has reached 100%. . Photovoltaic power generation is clean and environmentally friendly, with reliable technology and stable returns. By developing distributed photovoltaic on the roof, Dongda Beitou Village has not only increased the collective economic income of the village, but also established an endless "green bank" for the people.

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