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Electric car charging future development direction-wireless charging

In order to save energy and reduce environmental pollution, electric vehicles have been vigorously promoted by countries around the world. Due to the limitations of battery capacity and charging infrastructure, charging has become the most important bottleneck in the development of electric vehicles. Line charging technology can solve the interface limitations and safety problems faced by traditional conductive charging, so it has gradually developed into the main method of electric vehicle charging. However, static wireless charging and wired charging also have the problems of frequent charging, short cruising range, large battery consumption and high cost. Especially for bus vehicles such as electric buses, their continuous battery life is particularly important. Under this background, the dynamic wireless charging technology of electric vehicles came into being, which provides real-time energy supply for driving electric vehicles in a non-contact manner.

Although the development of wireless charging technology for electric vehicles in various countries has achieved success, it is still difficult to fully realize wireless charging in a short period of time. The reasons are: ① too much space loss; ② large secondary conversion loss; ③ insufficient power; ④ large equipment size; ⑤ coil volume Large and heavy; ⑥ construction of parking lot coils; ⑦ electromagnetic radiation.

Electric vehicle wireless charging technology has the advantages of convenience and speed, but it is still in the stage of research and development and exploration, and there is still a lot of work to be done in the practical side. In addition, according to the current actual situation of lack of energy, it is still too early to realize the industrial operation of high-power wireless charging technology for electric vehicles, but as a flexible charging method in the future, early exploration is necessary. With the continuous improvement of the technology, combined with the construction of China's smart grid, its application in the electric vehicle intelligent charging and replacement service network will definitely promote the large-scale application of electric vehicles.

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