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Four issues that need attention in the transformation of low-voltage power distribution

With the continuous development of power grid distribution system, the power supply environment is becoming more and more complex. People's electricity standards and demand continue to rise, which has led to the popularization of low-voltage distribution lines in our country, which is related to people's lives and production, and requires timely renovation of low-voltage distribution cabinets. However, there are four problems in the transformation process. Let's understand them together.

one. Not enough attention is paid to the use of capacitors.
Many people do not correctly understand the importance of the use of capacitors, which leads to their negligence in the selection of related electrical equipment. As a result, when a low-voltage distribution line fails, the power supply cannot be cut off in time, which threatens the low-voltage distribution. Safe operation of electric lines.

two. Insufficient grounding protection in low-voltage power distribution
The concentrated performance is that due to different environments and different installation and use standards, grounding protection must be different, but often these are not paid attention to by the staff.

Three, low-voltage power distribution cabinets are difficult to meet actual requirements
With the addition of more and more non-linear loads such as rectification, frequency conversion, electric welding, elevators, etc. to the power distribution system, the impact and threats to power quality are increasing day by day, mainly as follows: insufficient power factor, harmonic pollution, three-phase unbalance, voltage Suspense, rapid reactive power changes, voltage fluctuations and flicker, etc. directly threaten the safe operation of the power grid. The original power distribution cabinet is configured based on the power distribution environment, and some power distribution cabinets have been used for more than 10 years, facing various problems, and obviously cannot meet the current requirements.

Four, the selection of surge protectors in low-voltage power distribution
Generally, in the structure of civil buildings, because the electronic information equipment actually installed has the defect of low withstand voltage level, it only considers the lightning protection function, but ignores the impact of lightning electromagnetic field on related equipment. Therefore, no suitable surge protector is installed according to the different forms of low-voltage power supply.

The transformation of low-voltage power distribution cabinets is not a copy, but needs to be combined with the actual production situation, according to the equipment operation cycle, detect the operation status of the equipment during the whole construction period, obtain the measured value, analyze the cause, and then draw a conclusion, in order to provide users with more accurate and effective The transformation plan of reactive power compensation cabinet!

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