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Contents and requirements of primary maintenance for CNC machine tools

The maintenance work of the lathe directly affects the quality of parts processing and the level of production efficiency. In order to maintain the degree of the lathe and extend its service life, in addition to being able to operate the lathe proficiently, the lathe should also learn to perform reasonable maintenance on the lathe. Dongyue machine tool after-sales service engineers teach you how to perform primary maintenance on CNC lathes based on years of experience.

1. During maintenance, the power supply must be cut off and then work to ensure safe operation.

2. Clean up the working area. Clean up the working area to ensure that there is a clean and sufficient space during the cleaning process

3. Remove and clean each cover of the machine tool to keep the inside and outside clean, free of rust and oil.

4. Maintenance of the knife holder and skateboard part
① Remove the lower blade holder for cleaning. ②Remove the small precision plate lead screw, nut and insert for cleaning. ③Remove and clean the screw, nut and insert of the middle slide plate. ④Remove the bed saddle and clean it with dustproof oil felt, then refuel and reinstall. ⑤After oiling the screw, nut, insert and guide rail of the middle slide plate, reassemble and adjust the clearance of insert and screw nut. ⑥After adding oil to the small sliding plate screw, nut, insert and guide rail, reassemble and adjust the gap of insert and screw nut. ⑦Clean the bottom surface of the square knife holder, then apply oil, reinstall and press tightly.

5. Maintenance of the tailstock part of the lathe
① Remove the tailstock sleeve and compression block, clean and apply oil. ②Remove the tailstock screw and nut, clean and add oil. ③Clean and refuel the tailstock. ④ Reinstall and adjust.

6. Maintenance of the spindle box part of the lathe.
①Remove the filter, clean and reinstall it. ②Check the spindle and check whether the nut is loose and whether the fastening screw is locked. ③Adjust the friction plate gap and brake.

7. Maintenance of exchange gearbox part of lathe
 ①Remove the exchange gear carrier gear, sector plate, and shaft sleeve, clean, refuel, and reinstall. ② Adjust the gear meshing gap. ③Check whether the shaft sleeve shakes.

8. Feed box maintenance
  The feed box should be cleaned, and the velvet rope should be cleaned and refueled and put in the same place. The missing should be filled.

9. Cleaning of the motor
Clean the main motor and the V-belt wheel of the spindle box, check and adjust the tightness of the V-belt.

10. Clean the screw
Clean the long lead screw, the smooth rod and the operating rod, and wipe them clean with cotton yarn.

11. Maintenance of lubrication part
 ①Clean the cooling pump, filter, and liquid pan; ②Check whether the oil passage is unblocked, the oil holes, wicks, and linoleum should be clean and free of iron filings; ③Check the oil quality, keep it in good condition, complete the oil cup and bright oil windows.

12. Maintenance of electrical parts
 ① Clean the motor and electrical box. ②The electrical equipment is fixed and tidy.

13. Clean up lathe accessories
  Including the center frame, the tool post, exchange gear and chuck, etc.

14. Finishing the appearance of the lathe machine ① Install each cover. ②Check and fill up the screws, handles, and handle balls. Matters needing attention in primary maintenance of lathe
1) Make full preparations. For example, prepare disassembly and assembly tools, cleaning devices, lubricating oil, plates for placing mechanical parts, and necessary spare parts. 2) Carry out maintenance work according to maintenance steps. 3) The parts required to be removed, such as the square knife holder, medium and small slide plates, tailstock, etc., must be removed before cleaning, reinstalling, and adjusting. 4) The disassembled parts should be installed in groups. For example, the screws should be put on washers and screwed on the body, and the lead screw should be screwed on with nuts to hang up. 5) Pay attention to civilized operation and organize the work position. Above is the first-level maintenance process of CNC lathes. When performing maintenance, the power must be cut off before the operation, and then follow the steps to maintain the equipment in order to complete the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment correctly. .

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