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Reasons for oxidized and rusted cold-pressed terminals

Analysis of the reasons why cold-pressed terminals are oxidized and rusted:

Because the surface of the cold-pressed terminal is relatively rough, and the hole is thick and fine, it causes a serious potential difference, which obviously speeds up the shelf life of the cold-pressed terminal, and causes serious oxidation points on the surface of the terminal. Crushing, or forming a low-voltage current area during electroplating, the oxidation resistance of the final crushing is obviously reduced; the latter is that the cold-pressed terminal is defective during processing, or there are more acidic substances on the surface .
The measures to prevent the cold-pressed terminal from being oxidized and rusted:
When stamping and forming the cold-pressed terminal, the surface must be sufficiently smooth, and there must be no crushing and scars. After the standardized treatment of the cold-pressed terminal, it must be inspected and maintained regularly .

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