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The global agricultural robot and drone market is growing rapidly

An agricultural robot is a robot designed and deployed for agricultural purposes. It automates repeated and time-consuming agricultural processes. Agricultural drones are unmanned aerial vehicles operated by controllers over farmland. Agricultural robots and drones are used in agricultural applications such as spraying fertilizers and pesticides, cloud seeding, seeding, harvesting, crop growth, farmland monitoring and soil analysis. 

The global agricultural sector is undergoing transformation, replacing and changing traditional framework processes and equipment. The application of automated agricultural equipment such as agricultural drones and robots has increased analytical decision-making methods and autonomous operations, helping agricultural enterprises to obtain greater profits. 

According to the results of a research report by Facts and Factors, the global agricultural robot and drone market in 2019 is approximately US$4.04 billion. The compound annual growth rate of this market is expected to exceed 18.9%, and it is expected to exceed 13.58 billion US dollars by 2026. 

The emergence and adoption of automation in the agricultural sector is mainly driven by the following factors: the depletion of arable land, groundwater and other resources, the increase in global food production demand, and the increasing shortage of agricultural labor. As governments in many countries invest in supporting farmers by providing incentives, good crop prices and developed supply chains, the agricultural industry is expected to continue to develop along this growth trajectory. In addition to the above measures, governments of various countries are also investing in agricultural technology to improve agricultural efficiency and profit. This has led to the research and development of automated agricultural systems such as drones and robots. In addition, private enterprises engaged in agricultural technology businesses benefit farmers by providing technical deployment assistance and compatibility analysis to provide farmers with customized services. Due to the aforementioned developments, agricultural drones and robots are expected to replace traditional agricultural methods and requirements, which in turn is expected to promote the growth of the agricultural robot and drone market. 

The UAV market is expected to grow at the highest compound annual growth rate during the forecast period. Due to the increasing use of on-site monitoring and spraying of pesticides and fertilizers, this sector has great potential for growth. In addition, the cost of drones is relatively low compared to other robotic systems used for similar purposes. Due to the popularity of automatic robots and automatic steering systems, the field of farmland agriculture is expected to grow at the highest compound annual growth rate. These systems have been increasingly used in large agricultural products such as sugarcane and corn.

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