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Wazhuo continuously overcomes the problem of “stuck neck” of wind power bearings

       At the just-concluded Beijing International Wind Energy Exhibition, Wazhou Group displayed the multi-spec large-megawatt wind turbine supporting bearings successfully developed this year. Among them, China’s first onshore 4-megawatt-class wind turbine single-row tapered spindle bearing has filled The domestic blank has attracted the attention of many domestic customers.
   With the introduction of carbon peak and carbon neutral targets, China's wind power and other new energy sources are expanding, and it has become the world's largest producer and demander of wind turbines, but the localization rate of wind power bearings is not high. Wazhou Group has been focusing on the key problems of wind power bearing "stuck neck", focusing on creating products with core competitiveness, and independently developed a batch of high-precision and high-reliability wind power yaw and pitch bearings, spindle bearings, Gearbox bearings, drive bearings and generator bearings have become one of the world's companies that can support a full range of wind turbine bearings in batches, changing the history of China's wind turbine industry relying on imports, and a number of technologies have filled the domestic gap.
    Since the beginning of this year, Wazhou Group has independently developed the 4.XMW platform fan single-row tapered spindle bearing for a well-known domestic fan manufacturer, and it has been mass-produced. On this basis, the company's self-developed single-row tapered spindle bearing for wind turbines on the 5.XMW platform is currently in production. In addition, the large deep groove ball bearings and large cylindrical roller bearings independently developed by the company have been equipped with 11MW offshore wind turbines; the first domestic 5MW offshore wind turbine jointly developed with well-known wind turbine manufacturers has successfully rolled off the production line, with 10 specifications of gearboxes. The entire series of bearings has been installed.
        In the field of wind power, Wazhou Group will vigorously develop 3-14MW main shaft bearings, gearbox bearings, etc., establish large-megawatt main shaft bearings, yaw and pitch bearing test platforms, build a full life cycle technical team, and comprehensively improve the performance of China’s wind turbine bearings. self-driving creation ability.

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