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The inner dome of the first batch of Hualong No. 1 unit was successfully hoisted and equipment installation started

      On the morning of October 27th, China’s first three-generation nuclear power plant Hualong No. 1 was mass-built the first unit-the inner dome of China National Nuclear Corporation Zhangzhou Nuclear Power Unit No. 1 was successfully hoisted, marking that the unit was fully transferred from the civil construction stage to the equipment installation stage. A solid step has been taken in the batch construction of the number.

  The dome hoisting is an important milestone in the construction of nuclear power projects. The dome is located on the top of the nuclear island. Its main function is to ensure the integrity and sealing of the reactor building, and it plays a key role in the containment of radioactivity. In order to ensure that the dome hoisting of Zhangzhou Nuclear Power Unit No. 1 is realized on schedule, the Zhangzhou Nuclear Power Project Management Team has "two hands, two hands hard", forming a strong joint force to fight the epidemic and steadily advance the construction of the project.
   At 6 o'clock in the morning that day, the hoisting work officially started. Following the order of the hoisting commander, the 3,200-ton crane slowly lifted the dome off the ground. After a series of smooth movements, such as luffing, lifting hooks, crane walking, and boom counterclockwise rotation, it reached directly above the reactor building. Slowly descend, and after adjustments are correct, the hook is steadily dropped into place on the steel lining of the containment.
       Hualong No.1 is an important achievement of China National Nuclear Corporation in accelerating the realization of high-level technological self-reliance and promoting the strategic goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality". It is one of the most accepted third-generation nuclear power generation models in the current nuclear power market and is the trend of China's nuclear power The "country card" of the world. Hualong No. 1 innovatively adopts "active and passive" combined safety systems and double-layer containment technologies to meet the highest international safety standards in terms of safety.
       The Zhangzhou nuclear power project carries the strategic mission of "Hualong takes off, and China's independent three-generation nuclear power technology runs from parallel to lead". The Zhangzhou nuclear power project management team is based on the concept of "One Party Flag, One Dream" and uses systematic thinking to carry out practice. , Determined to innovate and optimize the construction technology, creating favorable conditions for the overall high-quality construction of the project on schedule.
       It is understood that each unit of Hualong No. 1 generates nearly 10 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, which can meet the annual production and domestic electricity needs of 1 million people in moderately developed countries; at the same time, it is equivalent to reducing standard coal consumption by 3.12 million tons and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 8.16 million. Tons, equivalent to more than 70 million trees for afforestation. As of the third quarter of 2021, China National Nuclear Corporation's cumulative commercial power generation in 2021 was 136.214 billion kWh, a year-on-year increase of 22.92%; cumulative on-grid power generation was 127.513 billion kWh, a year-on-year increase of 23.53%.

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