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South China Automotive Test and Measurement Technology Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou next May

       Reports related to the auto industry pointed out that now is a period of better development environment for China's auto industry, a period of rapid growth in innovation capabilities and major advancements in technology, and a period of further development of national brands. At present, China's automobile industry is developing rapidly. With the active transfer of the global automobile industry chain to China and the rise of the middle class in Chinese society, China has become an important automobile manufacturer in the world and the world's largest automobile consumer.

   The automotive testing and certification industry is a supporting service industry for the development of the automotive industry, mainly providing technical services such as inspection, testing, and test verification for automotive manufacturers, automotive chassis component system companies, and tire companies. The development of the automobile inspection and certification industry is obviously affected by the changes in the access management system of the automobile industry. With the rapid development of my country's automobile industry, my country has gradually established a relatively complete automobile compulsory certification standard system, involving safety, emission, energy saving, environmental protection, etc. On the one hand, while promoting the technological progress of domestic automotive products, it also brings a broad development space for the automotive test and measurement market.

        South China Automotive Test and Measurement Technology Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou next May
In recent years, South China has implemented the innovation-driven development strategy, strengthened planning and guidance, accelerated structural adjustment, strengthened the cultivation of core capabilities, and promoted the automotive industry in South China from manufacturing to creation, from speed to quality, and from products to brands, achieving a new normal. Leapfrogging development. The growing improvement of the automobile industry cluster in South China and the further expansion of vehicle production capacity have gathered a large number of auto parts and automobile certification test and measurement institutions.

         In order to promote the rapid development of the automotive test and measurement industry in South China and improve technological innovation capabilities, the AUTO TECH 2022 Guangzhou International Automotive Test and Measurement Technology Exhibition, hosted by Watson Exhibition and various associations, will be held in Guangzhou from May 24th to 26th, 2022. The Poly World Trade Expo will be held in a grand manner, and will be co-presented with the Internet of Vehicles Technology Exhibition, the Automotive Electronics Technology Exhibition, the Automotive Lightweight Technology Exhibition, the Autonomous Driving Technology Exhibition, and the New Energy Vehicle Technology Exhibition. This exhibition will focus on displaying various automotive testing solutions, such as engine testing, wind power technology, noise testing, material testing, simulation testing, etc. South China Automotive Test and Measurement Technology Exhibition is the first choice platform for enterprises to explore the market and promote their brands. It is also a one-stop professional platform for trade, technology and academic exchanges for friends in the industry to learn about market opportunities. At the same time as the exhibition, a forum on automotive testing and quality control technology will be held, and people in the automotive industry are welcome to participate actively.

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