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Ili-Bozhou-Wusu-Phoenix II 750 kV transmission line project began to erect iron towers

On November 7, with the erection of No. N1175 tower in section II of the Ili-Bozhou-Wusu-Phoenix 750 kV transmission line project, the project officially entered the tower assembly stage.

The Ili-Bozhou-Wusu-Phoenix II 750kV transmission line project is an important part of the West Tianshan ring network of Xinjiang's 750kV main grid. The project starts from the 750 kV Yili substation, passes through the 750 kV Bozhou and Wusu substations, and ends at the Fenghuang 750 kV substation. It passes through 8 administrative counties including Nilek County and Jinghe County. The line length is 421.054 kilometers. Build 910 bases of iron towers. The project will start on June 20, 2021, and is scheduled to be completed and put into operation on June 20, 2023.

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