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igus new hybrid cable is suitable for SEW motor, which can realize the simultaneous transmission of power and data

      The new chainflex cable can save 40% of drag chain space and ensure reliable power and data transmission

  The new generation of motors should be small in size, compact in structure, and fast in operation. Therefore, more and more drive manufacturers are adopting hybrid technology to save space. For this reason, igus has also developed a new type of hybrid cable to adapt to SEW motors with MOVILINK DDI interface. This high-flex cable dedicated to drag chains can be used in many applications, such as the material handling industry.

  Hybrid cables used in drive technology are characterized by the ability to transmit power and data simultaneously in one cable. In this way, the number of cables can be reduced by half. For the new SEW motor with MOVILINK DDI interface, the drive manufacturer uses coaxial components to realize the data transmission of motor information. In order to safely transmit kinetic energy and data to a compact motor in motion, igus has developed a new hybrid cable. "The challenge for cables with coaxial components is that they are extremely prone to failure under high dynamic conditions. Therefore, our task is to develop a highly flexible cable with a long service life that can operate reliably during movement." German company igus said Andreas Muckes, head of chainflex cable products. As a result, igus relied on its expertise in the use of coaxial cables in high dynamic applications for more than 20 years, and launched this new type of hybrid cable-CF280.UL.H207.D. It combines four power core wires with a coaxial core wire and two control core wires. By integrating the two cables into one, the user can save 40% of the drag chain space, and the driving force required by the system is also reduced, which means less energy consumption. This new hybrid cable with PUR outer sheath can be used in applications with a minimum bending radius of 15xd, such as machine tools, material handling and automotive industries.

   28 hybrid cables

  Igus now provides 28 different types of hybrid cables, which meet the drive standards of Siemens, Beckhoff, SEW and Bosch Rexroth. It is currently the most available type of drag chain special hybrid cable manufacturer on the market. The continuous expansion of the CF280 series means that igus is constantly keeping up with the progress of hybrid technology. As a cable expert, igus has also expanded the PVC outer sheath version for its CF280 cable series and named it the CF220 series. This can reduce the additional cost of hybrid cables. Chainflex cables can be sold by the meter or pre-installed with connectors. Like all igus cables, the new SEW hybrid cables also offer a 36-month warranty.

  Igus' new SEW MOVILINK DDI interface hybrid cable can save the space of the motor and drag chain.

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