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"Vending machine" in the production workshop Jingdong Industrial Products uses Jinggong Cabinet to overcome the problem of enterprise material management

In crowded train stations and bustling commercial office buildings, vending machines selling drinks, snacks, and hand-made are not uncommon, bringing a lot of convenience to everyone. Nowadays, such container machines are accelerating their application in the industrial field and are playing greater value in production management. Workers can pick up the tools, bearings, screws, and high-frequency consumable industrial products used on the industrial parent machine (machine tool) at any time to ensure the stable operation of production.

But realizing the extension of this scenario is not simply replacing the goods in the vending machine. Different from automatic vending machines to solve the "personal buying problem", the core that industrial enterprises need to solve through smart terminals is the "corporate material management problem", with the help of digital technology to realize the connection between factory management systems; on the other hand, industrial products SKUs are huge and complex. What to put in the "vending machines" in the factory, who will get them, and how many will need to be deeply customized according to the actual production situation of industrial enterprises.

In response to these characteristics, JD Industrial Products, through the integration of digital technology and infrastructure, creates an intelligent terminal for the industrial supply chain-Jinggong Cabinet, and accelerates its application in industrial enterprises. Jinggong Cabinet and Jingdong Industrial Products have integrated the procurement management system deployed by enterprises to help enterprises realize the forecast supplement and management of consumable industrial products. At the same time, it can provide more than 300 hardware combinations according to the type of industrial products to achieve space utilization. The maximization of the company’s inventory pressure greatly reduces the company’s production and management costs. At present, Jingdong Industrial Products Jinggong Cabinet has been in the development of aero-engine key parts manufacturing process solution company Suzhou Qianji Intelligent, Sinochem Blue Sky Group's important fluorine chemical production base, Taicang Sinochem Environmental Protection Chemical, wind power equipment manufacturer Vision Energy, paint manufacturer Nippon and other companies have put it into use.

It is not a simple scene copying. Jinggong Cabinet integrates digital technology and infrastructure to link people, goods, and factories

As an important part of an enterprise's supply chain, inventory control is faced with a lot of challenges in enterprise material management. On the one hand, it is better to manage inventory and control costs, on the other hand, it is to ensure the stable operation of the production line and safe production.

Based on the core demands of enterprises in the supply chain material management, Jinggonggui emerged as the times require. Based on the procurement management platform built by Jingdong Industrial Products for customers, Jinggong will link hardware equipment with the corporate procurement management system, and through the realization of corporate data, employee data and supplier data, comprehensively innovate the company’s previous material management and inventory management processes , According to the diversified material management needs of different production lines of the enterprise, the material receiving process, permissions and warehousing hardware are customized for the enterprise, which effectively solves the high inventory management cost, the untimely supply of materials, and the frequent mistakes in the material management in the material management. Issues such as hair.

Specifically, in terms of authority management, materials are stored in the cabinet according to the smallest requisition unit. After the worker logs in his personal identity on the human-computer interaction interface of the Beijing industrial cabinet, he can see the requisition list configured by the project procurement department according to the type of work. , Clearly marked with the available goods and quantity. 

After the worker selects the type and quantity of materials within the prescribed range, only the corresponding cabinet door will automatically open. In terms of inventory management, Jinggong's intelligent storage management system can track the entire process of material requisition, use, and return, and digitize, intensive, and systemize it to achieve traceable management of the entire process. The entire intelligent storage management system will also be connected to the procurement system. Once the safety stock quantity is received, the purchase application will be automatically triggered, and Jingdong Industrial Products will prepare and deliver the goods in advance.

As the first batch of application enterprises of Jinggong Cabinet, Taicang Sinochem, Suzhou Qianji Intelligent, Nippon, Envision Energy and other enterprises have been the first to feel the changes brought by the digital intelligence of the supply chain.

1 Jinggong Cabinet VS "100 Watches" Jingdong Industrial Products "Reduces the Burden" for Enterprise Inventory Management

"The traditional material management model relies on nearly 100 tables, and there are only some rough statistics on the material consumption at the production site." The head of Taicang Sinochem Environmental Chemical Procurement said that nearly 20 units were introduced in the production park. After the Jinggong counter, the company can master the detailed information of "who, when, where, what materials and the quantity received" through the implementation of the system. At the same time, the efficiency of workers' use has also been greatly improved. In the past, workers used to receive an average of about 10 minutes, but now it only takes 15 seconds to complete the entire process.

There are many types of industrial products, with large specifications, lengths, and weight spans. The industrial products used in different production scenarios are not the same, so it is impossible to rely on uniform specifications for hardware storage. Taking into account the characteristics of the industrial manufacturing industry, in the process of deployment, Jinggong's operators went deep into the production line of industrial enterprises to understand the needs of the company, generate a list of materials, and provide enterprises with "private cabinets" based on the Mercator standard commodity library. Custom" service.

Suzhou Qianji Intelligence is the first batch of enterprises to use this service. As one of the first high-tech companies in my country that broke foreign monopolies and broke through the key technologies for intelligent manufacturing of complex curved parts such as aero engine blisks, Suzhou Qianji’s core product-aviation impellers have a very complex processing process, with different parts and different processes. , The tools required for different precisions are completely different. In this regard, Jingdong Industrial Products has deployed a stepping drawer type smart cabinet for the characteristics of tool storage and collection, which can manage up to 217 types and a total of 2,583 tools. At the same time, in view of the characteristics that the knives can be reused after recycling and grinding, Jingdong Industrial Products also added a recycling storage compartment, which is specially used to store the replaced knives, and is regularly recycled by brand service personnel for grinding treatment.

According to the person in charge of JD Industrial Products, taking into account the characteristics of non-standard products as the main industrial products and many long-tail products, Jinggong Cabinet currently provides step-by-step drawer type, rotary type, box type and cabinet type for the industrial manufacturing industry. There are more than 300 hardware combinations such as mobile carts, industrial-grade spiral coil type (multiple sensors), handheld, etc., which can meet the needs of multi-scene and multi-type material management. And this flexible hardware customization service also solves the pain points of paint manufacturer Nippon Paint for the management of aluminum sheets.

For coating companies, aluminum plates are important consumables for their production, mainly used for color inspection of finished paints. In view of the shape and storage characteristics of aluminum plates, JD Industrial has equipped Nippon Paint with lattice cabinets, which can store 4000 pieces in a single cabinet. In the scenario of envisioning energy materials, the high-frequency demand is mainly for hardware and labor protection appliances such as stretch film, water sandpaper, wire strippers, etc. JD Industrial Products is equipped with a rotating cabinet suitable for storing a large number of different types of small-volume items.

Since the beginning of this year, the supply chain crisis sweeping the world has forced the global supply chain to complete a self-evolution. How to build a stable, safe, intelligent and efficient supply chain system has become an important issue that the industrial manufacturing industry must face seriously. For the supply chain, digital technology is like a skeleton, supporting the entire structure and ensuring the rationality and efficiency of resource allocation. The infrastructure is like muscles attached to the bones, and it is the guarantee that the supply chain can "run". Jinggonggui is one of the new generation of supply chain infrastructures created by Jingdong Industrial Products for the industrial industry. In the future, JD Industrial Products will continue to leverage on the advantages of a new entity, relying on solid infrastructure, an efficient digital and intelligent social supply chain, and innovative technical service capabilities to provide "blood and flesh" digital and intelligent supply chain services for the industrial manufacturing industry.

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