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"Coal and electricity linkage" expands again! Many places have clarified the linkage between electricity prices and coal prices in 2022!

Affected by high coal prices this year, many thermal power companies have fallen into the dilemma of declining profits or even losses. Many provinces have begun to adjust the price range of electricity market-oriented transactions. On November 2, Han Zheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council, was investigating the State Grid Corporation of China. Said that the government should strengthen the regulation of coal prices in accordance with the law, and accelerate the study of the market-oriented price formation mechanism of coal-electricity linkage. Recently, many places have deployed power trading in 2022, and it is clear that the coal-power linkage mechanism will be implemented in 2022. The implementation of the linkage between electricity price and coal price can reasonably reflect the cost of power generation and electricity consumption and reduce market risks.

The Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the "Shaanxi Province 2022 Electricity Direct Trading Implementation Plan" on December 6. The plan pointed out that deepening the reform of coal-fired power generation on-grid tariffs. In principle, all coal-fired power generation will enter the electricity market. Through market transactions, the on-grid electricity price will be formed within the range of "base price + fluctuations", and the fluctuation range of up and down will not exceed 20% in principle. The market transaction price of energy-intensive enterprises will not be increased.20 %limit. Encourage both purchasers and sellers to clarify in the signing of medium and long-term contracts the reasonable floating clauses of the transaction electricity price with changes in fuel costs, and implement the linkage between the transaction electricity price and the coal price to promote long-term and stable benefit sharing between the purchaser and the seller.

The Guangdong Provincial Energy Administration issued a notice on December 3 to do a good job in the annual power market transactions in 2022, stating that the bilateral negotiated transactions in 2022 will implement linkage clauses. In order to give play to the role of mid- and long-term "ballast", encourage power generation companies, electricity sales companies and large wholesale users to sign more and more annual mid- and long-term contracts, and encourage the addition of primary energy price linkage clauses in the contracts. The relevant content should be combined with the contract volume. The price and other information are submitted to the trading system together.

Gansu Provincial Development and Reform Commission Gansu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and other departments jointly issued the "Gansu Province 2022 Intra-provincial Electricity Mid- and Long-term Trading Implementation Rules" on December 6, which mentioned supporting power users (electricity sales companies) and power generation companies The specific price shall be determined in a flexible and floating form, and the method of price fluctuation shall be agreed in advance by both parties. Encourage market entities to refer to the industry's upstream and downstream related product indexes and negotiate the establishment of a dynamic adjustment mechanism of "trading electricity price + fluctuations". When the price of related products changes to a certain range, the transaction electricity price can be adjusted accordingly. The relevant mechanism can be specified in the electronic contract, or it can be agreed through a supplementary agreement, etc., and it will take effect after being reported to the Exchange Center for record.

Ningxia also began to solicit opinions on policies related to “coal-electricity linkage”. On November 30, the Ningxia Development and Reform Commission issued the “Notice on Organizing Direct Electricity Trading Work in 2022” (Draft for Comment), which pointed out that the annual direct electricity transaction price adopts “ The coal-electricity linkage" mechanism realizes the linkage of transaction prices and electricity coal prices. Take the 4500kcal/kg thermal coal price of 700 yuan/ton (tax included) as the benchmark, and use the price of the latest thermal coal price adjustment notice issued by the National Energy Ningxia Coal Industry Company as a reference when the monthly direct trading of electricity is organized on the 20th of each month , For every 60 yuan drop in thermal coal prices, the monthly electricity trading price of the Long-term Association will fall by 30 yuan/kWh in the following month.

In fact, as early as September 27 this year, the Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the "Notice on Improving the Price Mechanism of Coal-fired Power Generation Transaction in Our Province" (Xiang Development and Reform Operation (2021) No. 747), requiring that the benchmark price of electricity market transactions be determined. , Introduce the purchase price of coal-fired thermal power companies as a parameter, adjust the upper limit of the transaction price according to a certain cycle, and establish a floating mechanism of the upper limit of the coal-fired thermal power market transaction price in conjunction with the coal price. This is also the first domestic implementation of a coal price-linked electricity price increase mechanism, which fully reflects the market-oriented nature of electricity.

The document shows that Hunan implements a benchmark price and a floating mechanism, that is, under the current coal-fired benchmark electricity price, when the standard coal electricity price at the factory is not higher than 1,300 yuan/ton, the upper limit of the coal-fired market transaction price will not rise, and the cost will not be increased. The changes are absorbed by power generation companies; when the unit price of standard coal is higher than 1300 yuan, for every increase of 50 yuan/ton, the upper limit of coal-fired thermal power transaction prices will rise by 1.5 cents/kWh, and the maximum rise will not exceed national regulations. The price linkage method is shown in the table below:

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