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Another whole machine manufacturer speaks: the price war of wind turbines will drive the reshuffle of the industry chain

Following Siemens Gamesa’s remarks on the price drop of wind power equipment at the end of November, Vestas also expressed its views on the issue of the “price war” of wind power equipment in mid-December. Vestas CEO Henrik Andersen said that wind power equipment manufacturers belong to Asset-heavy enterprises, the bottomless decline in the cost of wind power equipment will lead to heavy cost pressures, which will make it impossible to invest in new product research and development. Some enterprises will withdraw from the wind power market or face mergers and acquisitions.

Previously, Siemens Gamesa executives have made public remarks. They believe that the price competition of wind turbine equipment for more than ten years should not continue. This is not conducive to the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. Wind power is now better than any other form of electricity. It is cheaper and the price should not be set too low.

In terms of the price of wind turbines in China in the past two years, onshore wind turbines reached 4500 yuan/kW at the highest point and 1800 yuan/kW at the lowest point. The price of offshore wind turbines also dropped from 6000 yuan/kW to about 4000 yuan/kW. It has dropped by more than half in one year, and the speed of wind turbines has never been lower.

Of course, there are factors that drive prices down by technology. As the technologies for large wind turbines, high towers, and long blades become mature, it will inevitably bring about a decline in technical costs. In terms of non-technical costs, coordinated management during the construction of wind power projects The cost control will also decrease, but this is not the direct cause of the reduction in the price of wind power equipment.

Relevant sources said that there are currently more than 15 large and small wind power complete machine companies in China, which are relatively large compared to the local wind power complete machine companies in various countries around the world. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, it will be a contest for the survival of the fittest. Everyone will show their strengths and have their own abilities. It is expected that by the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan period, China's wind power complete machine companies will be reduced to about 10.

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