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Stainless steel trough bridge

Galvanized ladder bridge, stainless steel trough bridge

Bridge: The full name of a rigid structural system with closely connected cables consisting of trough, tray or step type straight section, bend through, three-way, four-way assembly and support arm (arm bracket), hanger, etc. Bridge)
The current bridge is continuously recognized by the market and accepts the localization of the cable tray industry. The products use high-quality cold-rolled steel sheets and have received extensive attention. The products are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel sheets. The surface processes include cold-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, electrostatic spraying and fire-retardant coatings. , baking varnish, etc.


Galvanized ladder bridge
model widthA widthB
XQJ-T-01-6-2 200 60
XQJ-T-01-10-2 100
XQJ-T-01-15-2 150
XQJ-T-01-6-3 300 60
XQJ-T-01-10-3 100
XQJ-T-01-15-3 150
XQJ-T-01-6-4 400 60
XQJ-T-01-10-4 100
XQJ-T-01-15-4 150
XQJ-T-01-6-5 500 60
XQJ-T-01-10-5 100
XQJ-T-01-15-5 150
XQJ-T-01-6-6 600 60
XQJ-T-01-10-6 100
XQJ-T-01-15-6 150
XQJ-T-01-6-8 800 60
XQJ-T-01-10-8 100
XQJ-T-01-15-8 150
Stainless steel trough bridge
model widthA widthB
XQJ-T-01-6-2 50 25
XQJ-T-01-10-2 100 50
XQJ-T-01-15-2 150 75
XQJ-T-01-6-3 200 100
XQJ-T-01-10-3 250 125
XQJ-T-01-15-3 300 150
XQJ-T-01-6-4 400 200
XQJ-T-01-10-4 500 200
XQJ-T-01-15-4 600 200
XQJ-T-01-6-5 800 200

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