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RCCN Plastic fiber channel

Plastic fiber channel, fiber channel, flame retardant fiber channel

Material: Various parts of the fiber channel are made of ABS flame retardant material
Flame retardant: FV-0 grade in GB/T2048-2008
Color: orange, color code: PANTONE 021U
Advantages: good overall, easy to install, rounded corner protection at the corner to ensure that the fiber bend radius is greater than 40mm; the fiber outlet is made of flame retardant plastic, with rounded corner protection, can be moved freely in the tank, convenient fiber in Lower the fiber at the right place.


Main technical indicators and advantages
1. Closed structure, fully protect the fiber from damage
2. The main body is made of flame-retardant engineering plastic, the surface is smooth and beautiful.
3. Adopt full arc design, the fiber exit port and the corner transition of each of the three-way and four-way corners are R≥40mm, ensuring the curvature radius of the fiber R ≥40mm
4. The main and column channels are used to lay the fibers separately, and the routing rules are ordered.
5. The fiber outlet is made of flame retardant material, and the installation position is flexible, which can meet the needs of fiber production in various places.
6. The capacity of the fiber outlet is large;

7. The three-way and four-way provide branch interfaces in different directions of the optical fiber routing;

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