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Copper and aluminum composite terminal

Copper and aluminum composite terminal

Product material: new copper clad aluminum composite material.

Product advantages: strong oxidation resistance, durability, current carrying capacity and stability.

For traditional products, it has better current carrying capacity, safety and stability. Also has metallurgical grade craft

Description: This product is suitable for use in harsh environments, high and low temperature environments.


Copper and aluminum composite terminal
Model specification d1 L L1 B
DTL16-8 8.5 9 6.5 68 37 16
DTL25-8 8.5 10 7 70 33 18
DTL35-10 10.5 11 8.5 80 36 20
DTL50-10 10.5 12 10 85 38 22
DTL70-12 12.5 14 12 95 43 26
DTL95-12 12.5 16 13.5 104 46 28
DTL120-14 14.5 18 15 112 49 30

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Product advantages

1. Under severe operating conditions, due to the integration of the metallurgical grade of the product itself, it ensures that the product will not be broken or damaged.

2. The product is based on the new material itself and is made by stamping, so it completely maintains the advantages of the new copper-aluminum composite material itself. The product interface has a metallurgical grade combination. So the copper-aluminum contact part will not oxidize,

To ensure the safety and stability of the product, oxidation resistance and impact resistance.

3. The surface of the product is covered with a copper layer, so the current carrying capacity and electrical stability of the product itself are better than traditional products.

4. In the salt spray experiment, the oxidation resistance and durability of the new copper-aluminum transfer terminal are much higher than that of the existing traditional products, ensuring that the unsafe factors of the product during use are greatly reduced.

5. Compared with traditional products, the surface of the rear tube of the new terminal is coated with copper. The excellent characteristics of the product during the worker's crimping process directly affect the subsequent stable performance and safety performance of the production.

6. Electrical tests show that the tested indexes of the new copper-aluminum transfer terminal during the temperature rise process are significantly better than those of traditional products.

7. Low cost.


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