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Wiring duct,Cable Gland,Cable Tie,Terminals,RCCN

RCCN Wiring Duct SDRHF

Halogen Free Solid Wiring Duct

Wide slot/finger design provides greater sidewall rigidity and can
be used with a wide range of wire bundle sizes。
Certificates:UL CE:EN50085 RoHS,REACH。
Made of rigid Halogen free PCABS
Work temperature:-40 °c to 110 °c
UL94 Flammability Rating of V-0
Provided with mounting holes
Available and other special colors
Special length come with MOQ request



Item No.





Gray White Blue Black
SDR1616/HF SDR1616W/HF SDR1616E/HF SDR1616B/HF 16*16 3~10pcs 300M
*SDR2516/HF SDR2516W/HF SDR2516E/HF SDR2516B/HF 25*16 5~15pcs 240M
*SDR4016/HF SDR4016W/HF SDR4016E/HF SDR4016B/HF 40*16 15~30pcs 200M
SDR1520/HF SDR1520W/HF SDR1520E/HF SDR1520B/HF 15*20 8~12pcs 260M
SDR2020/HF SDR2020W/HF SDR2020E/HF SDR2020B/HF 20*20 10~20pcs 240M
SDR4020/HF SDR4020W/HF SDR4020E/HF SDR4020B/HF 40*20 20-30pcs 140M
SDR1525/HF SDR1525W/HF SDR1525E/HF SDR1525B/HF 15*25 5~15pcs 260M
SDR2025/HF SDR2025W/HF SDR2025E/HF SDR2025B/HF 20*25 5~15pcs 200M
SDR2525/HF SDR2525W/HF SDR2525E/HF SDR2525B/HF 25*25 10~25pcs 200M
SDR3025/HF SDR3025W/HF SDR3025E/HF SDR3025B/HF 30*25 12~28pcs 160M
*SDR4025/HF SDR4025W/HF SDR4025E/HF SDR4025B/HF 40*25 20~25pcs 120M
*SDR5025/HF SDR5025W/HF SDR5025E/HF SDR5025B/HF 50*25 20~25pcs 100M
SDR1530/HF SDR1530W/HF SDR1530E/HF SDR1530B/HF 15*30 8~15pcs 200M
SDR2030/HF SDR2030W/HF SDR2030E/HF SDR2030B/HF 20*30 25~35pcs 180M
SDR2530/HF SDR2530W/HF SDR2530E/HF SDR2530B/HF 25*30 25~35pcs 160M
SDR3030/HF SDR3030W/HF SDR3030E/HF SDR3030B/HF 30*30 25~35pcs 140M
SDR4030/HF SDR4030W/HF SDR4030E/HF SDR4030B/HF 40*30 30~40pcs 100M
GDR5030/HF GDR5030W/HF GDR5030E/HF GDR5030B/HF 50*30 40-50pcs 80M
GDR6030/HF GDR6030W/HF GDR6030E/HF GDR6030B/HF 60*30 50-60pcs 60M
SDR2233/HF SDR2233W/HF SDR2233E/HF SDR2233B/HF 22*33 15~25pcs 180M
SDR3333/HF SDR3333W/HF SDR3333E/HF SDR3333B/HF 33*33 30~40pcs 160M
SDR2035/HF SDR2035W/HF SDR2035E/HF SDR2035B/HF 20*35 30~40pcs 100M
SDR3535/HF SDR3535W/HF SDR3535E/HF SDR3535B/HF 35*35 35~45pcs 112M
SDR5035/HF SDR5035W/HF SDR5035E/HF SDR5035B/HF 50*35 40~60pcs 88M
*SDR2040/HF SDR2040W/HF SDR2040E/HF SDR2040B/HF 20*40 20~25pcs 110M
SDR2540/HF SDR2540W/HF SDR2540E/HF SDR2540B/HF 25*40 20~25pcs 112M
SDR3540/HF SDR3540W/HF SDR3540E/HF SDR3540B/HF 35*40 50-60pcs 100M
SDR4040/HF SDR4040W/HF SDR4040E/HF SDR4040B/HF 40*40 60~70pcs 100M
SDR6040/HF SDR6040W/HF SDR6040E/HF SDR6040B/HF 60*40 100~115pcs 68M
SDR8040/HF SDR8040W/HF SDR8040E/HF SDR8040B/HF 80*40 120~135pcs 48M
SDR10040/HF SDR10040W/HF SDR10040E/HF SDR10040B/HF 100*40 120~135pcs 32M
SDR12040/HF SDR12040W/HF SDR12040E/HF SDR12040B/HF 120*40 140-165pcs
SDR2545/HF SDR2545W/HF SDR2545E/HF SDR2545B/HF 25*45 20~25pcs


SDR3345/HF SDR3345W/HF SDR3345E/HF SDR3345B/HF 33*45 40~55pcs 108M
SDR4545/HF SDR4545W/HF SDR4545E/HF SDR4545B/HF 45*45 60~70pcs 72M
SDR6545/HF SDR6545W/HF SDR6545E/HF SDR6545B/HF 65*45 110~120pcs 56M
SDR2050/HF SDR2050W/HF SDR2050E/HF SDR2050B/HF 20*50 20~30pcs 100M
SDR2550/HF SDR2550W/HF SDR2550E/HF SDR2550B/HF 25*50 20~30pcs 100M
SDR3050/HF SDR3050W/HF SDR3050E/HF SDR3050B/HF 30*50 25~40pcs 84M
SDR3550/HF SDR3550W/HF SDR3550E/HF SDR3550B/HF 35*50 40~60pcs 80M
SDR4050/HF SDR4050W/HF SDR4050E/HF SDR4050B/HF 40*50 60~70pcs 68M
SDR4550/HF SDR4550W/HF SDR4550E/HF SDR4550B/HF 45*50 70~80pcs 60M
SDR5050/HF SDR5050W/HF SDR5050E/HF SDR5050B/HF 50*50 80~90pcs 60M
SDR5550/HF SDR5550W/HF SDR5550E/HF SDR5550B/HF 55*50 85~95pcs 50M
SDR6050/HF SDR6050W/HF SDR6050E/HF SDR6050B/HF 60*50 100~120pcs 48M
SDR7550/HF SDR7550W/HF SDR7550E/HF SDR7550B/HF 75*50 140~160pcs 40M
SDR8050/HF SDR8050W/HF SDR8050E/HF SDR8050B/HF 80*50 160~180pcs 40M
SDR10050/HF SDR10050W/HF SDR10050E/HF SDR10050B/HF 100*50 200~250pcs 26M
SDR12555/HF SDR12555W/HF SDR12555E/HF SDR12555B/HF 125*55 220~270pcs 20M
SDR2060/HF SDR2060W/HF SDR2060E/HF SDR2060B/HF 20*60 5~45pcs 100M
SDR2560/HF SDR2560W/HF SDR2560E/HF SDR2560B/HF 25*60 40~50pcs 100M
SDR3060/HF SDR3060W/HF SDR3060E/HF SDR3060B/HF 30*60 60~80pcs 80M
*SDR3560/HF SDR3560W/HF SDR3560E/HF SDR3560B/HF 35*60 65~85pcs 70M
SDR4060/HF SDR4060W/HF SDR4060E/HF SDR4060B/HF 40*60 100~115pcs 60M
SDR4560/HF SDR4560W/HF SDR4560E/HF SDR4560B/HF 45*60 110~125pcs 30M
SDR5060/HF SDR5060W/HF SDR5060E/HF SDR5060B/HF 50*60 120~135pcs 60M
SDR6060/HF SDR6060W/HF SDR6060E/HF SDR6060B/HF 60*60 120~135pcs 48M
SDR8060/HF SDR8060W/HF SDR8060E/HF SDR8060B/HF 80*60 180~210pcs 36M
SDR10060/HF SDR10060W/HF SDR10060E/HF SDR10060B/HF 100*60 240~290pcs 28M
SDR11060/HF SDR11060W/HF SDR11060E/HF SDR11060B/HF 110*60 250~300pcs 48M
*SDR12060/HF SDR12060W/HF SDR12060E/HF SDR12060B/HF 120*60 260~320pcs 48M
SDE15060/HF SDE15060W/HF SDE15060E/HF SDE15060B/HF 150*60 300-360pcs 16M
SDR2565/HF SDR2565W/HF SDR2565E/HF SDR2565B/HF 25*65 40~50pcs 88M
SDR3365/HF SDR3365W/HF SDR3365E/HF SDR3365B/HF 33*65 40~70pcs 80M
SDR4565/HF SDR4565W/HF SDR4565E/HF SDR4565B/HF 45*65 110~120pcs 52M
SDR6565/HF SDR6565W/HF SDR6565E/HF SDR6565B/HF 65*65 180~200pcs 44M
SDR7265/HF SDR7265W/HF SDR7265E/HF SDR7265B/HF 72*65 190~210pcs 40M
SDR2575/HF SDR2575W/HF SDR2575E/HF SDR2575B/HF 25*75 140-170pcs
SDR3575/HF SDR3575W/HF SDR3575E/HF SDR3575B/HF 35*75 160-190pcs
SDR5075/HF SDR5075W/HF SDR5075E/HF SDR5075B/HF 50*75 180~210pcs 32M
SDR7575/HF SDR7575W/HF SDR7575E/HF SDR7575B/HF 75*75 200~240pcs 24M
SDR10075/HF SDR10075W/HF SDR10075E/HF SDR10075B/HF 100*75 220~260pcs 24M
SDR2580/HF SDR2580W/HF SDR2580E/HF SDR2580B/HF 25*80 100~120pcs 72M
SDR3080/HF SDR3080W/HF SDR3080E/HF SDR3080B/HF 30*80 110~125pcs 56M
SDR3580/HF SDR3580W/HF SDR3580E/HF SDR3580B/HF 35*80 110~130pcs 56M
SDR4080/HF SDR4080W/HF SDR4080E/HF SDR4080B/HF 40*80 140~160pcs 48M
SDR4580/HF SDR4580W/HF SDR4580E/HF SDR4580B/HF 45*80 140~160pcs 40M
SDR5080/HF SDR5080W/HF SDR5080E/HF SDR5080B/HF 50*80 160~180pcs 40M
SDR5580/HF SDR5580W/HF SDR5580E/HF SDR5580B/HF 55*80 160~180pcs 32M
SDR6080/HF SDR6080W/HF SDR6080E/HF SDR6080B/HF 60*80 180~210pcs 32M
SDR8080/HF SDR8080W/HF SDR8080E/HF SDR8080B/HF 80*80 240~290pcs 24M
SDR10080/HF SDR10080W/HF SDR10080E/HF SDR10080B/HF 100*80 260~350pcs 24M
SDR12080/HF SDR12080W/HF SDR12080E/HF SDR12080B/HF 120*80 280~380pcs 16M
SDR14080/HF SDR14080W/HF SDR14080E/HF SDR14080B/HF 140*80 350~450pcs 16M
SDR25100/HF SDR25100W/HF SDR25100E/HF SDR25100B/HF 25*100 110~160pcs 60M
SDR33100/HF SDR33100W/HF SDR33100E/HF SDR33100B/HF 33*100 130~165pcs 44M
SDR40100/HF SDR40100W/HF SDR40100E/HF SDR40100B/HF 40*100 130~175pcs 40M
SDR50100/HF SDR50100W/HF SDR50100E/HF SDR50100B/HF 50*100 220~250pcs 40M
SDR60100/HF SDR60100W/HF SDR60100E/HF SDR60100B/HF 60*100 240~290pcs 32M
SDR70100/HF SDR70100W/HF SDR70100E/HF SDR70100B/HF 70*100 240~290pcs 32M
SDR75100/HF SDR75100W/HF SDR75100E/HF SDR75100B/HF 75*100 260~350pcs 24M
SDR80100/HF SDR80100W/HF SDR80100E/HF SDR80100B/HF 80*100 260~350pcs 24M
SDR100100/HF SDR100100W/HF SDR100100E/HF SDR100100B/HF 100*100 300~400pcs 24M
SDR120100/HF SDR120100W/HF SDR120100E/HF SDR120100B/HF 120*100 350~450pcs 16M
SDR150100/HF SDR150100W/HF SDR150100E/HF SDR150100B/HF 150*100 400~650pcs 16M
SDR100130/HF SDR100130W/HF SDR100130E/HF SDR100130B/HF 100*130 350~450pcs 16M
*SDR200100/HF SDR200100W/HF SDR200100E/HF SDR200100B/HF 200*100 600~800pcs 12M
*SDR200150/HF *SDR200150W/HF *SDR200150E/HF *SDR200150B/HF 200*150 900~1200pcs 10M

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