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Automotive wiring harness automatic identification method

Automotive harness known as the car nerve, is to control the vehicle electrical signal carrier is an important part of the automotive circuit, there is no harness there is no car circuit. Automotive wiring harness from the wire, connectors, fasteners, rubber parts and insulation, shielding tubes and other components. It is the central control components and automotive control unit, electrical and electronic execution unit, electrical and lighting display organically connected together to form a complete automotive electrical control system. Correct, quick identification of the wiring harness of the car is very important for the entire car circuit.

At this stage, the wire harness technology in China's auto industry still uses the traditional process means. The traditional cable unloading is to classify the lengths of various linear types by means of manual reading, segment calculation and addition and summation, and various components The number of such data, in order to purchase material as a voucher account. However, with the vigorous development of China's automobile industry, the structural design of automobiles is becoming more and more complex. As the number of harnesses and supporting electrical connectors in the central nervous system of a motor vehicle has doubled, the traditional measurement methods can still be used. Currently, the total length of a harness used in a car reaches more than 4,000 meters. The internal structure of a new type of electric vehicle is more complicated than that of a conventional fuel-powered vehicle. Obviously, in this case, the traditional measuring methods of wire and cable can no longer adapt to the current mode of operation, which has the disadvantages of low efficiency, errors and heavy workload. Therefore, in the face of more complicated harness design requirements, to ensure the correctness of the design results and improve the efficiency is the key to meet the requirements of the new-type power vehicle harness. Here you can learn from these work, the automotive wiring harness drawings for effective identification.

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