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2018 China's new energy vehicles exceeded one million vehicles

The year 2017 has passed and the energy-saving automobile industry can be described as twists and turns. From January to November, the production and sales of new energy vehicles completed 639,000 units and 609,000 units respectively, up 49.7% and 51.4% from the same period of last year, In 2018, the strong anticipation of the subsidies for new energy vehicles to slope off will be relatively more impressive in December. It is expected that the full-year 2017 is expected to reach 750,000. From the sales structure, the passenger car market has ushered in the outbreak, and stimulated by the double integral policy, 2018 new energy passenger cars will maintain the momentum of momentum, is expected in 2018 sales of new energy vehicles will exceed one million

From the sales structure point of view, the first 11 months of 2017, passenger car is the main growth point, China's total electric vehicle market cumulative production reached 95,500, an increase of 264%, sales of new energy buses than the same period last year dropped nearly 35%. From a policy perspective, the focus of new energy vehicles in 2017 has shifted from public sector vehicles such as buses to passenger cars for personal consumption, which will remain in the future

From the domestic market, mini-cars also occupy a larger share of sales in the first 11 months of 2017. Micro-new energy passenger car is still the focus of 2018 market. The reasons are as follows: At present, the quality of mini electric vehicles is obviously improved, and the cost performance is competitive. It is one of the good choices to buy a market scooter. The second is the application in the field of shared rental promotion. The third one is that families in rural areas Scooter. In the context of the Internet-made car popular in China, the mini-car will remain firmly in the territory of one side by 2018. With the user's demand for space and entertainment, combined with lithium-ion battery fast charging technology and mileage upgrade, starting in 2019 will be large and medium-sized cars will take advantage.

2018 is a crucial year for China's new energy automotive industry. On the one hand, subsidies or substantial departures will put pressure on car manufacturers. On the other hand, the double-credit policy will start to be implemented in order to promote the Accelerating the development of new energy vehicles, alleviating the pressure of energy and environment, establishing a long-term mechanism for market-oriented development of energy-saving and new energy vehicles and accelerating the development of new-energy passenger vehicles. In our opinion, the development of new energy vehicles is still inseparable from the policy support. In 2018, the market for new energy vehicles will maintain a growth rate of over 40%. The sales volume is expected to exceed 1.05 million units.

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