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Charging pile industry bid farewell to lose money!

The charging pile is a charging device that is fixed on the ground to provide DC/AC power for the electric vehicle, and has corresponding functions of display, credit card, billing, and printing charging information. In recent years, the international car companies have turned to the high growth rate of electric vehicles and domestic electric vehicle sales, indicating that the car electrification is an irreversible trend, and the electric vehicle industry has entered a high-speed growth period. However, in China, the construction speed of electric vehicle supporting charging piles still lags behind the growth of electric vehicle ownership. The total number of electric vehicle/public charging piles and the total number of operating vehicles/public fast-filling piles are 8:1 respectively. And 3.35:1, the gap between the piles and the piles is huge, and the public charging piles, especially the DC fast-filled piles, need to be accelerated. Coupled with the central and local government planning and support, the charging pile industry has entered the development and harvest period.

According to the electrification trend of the operating vehicle and the charging standard for the charging service fee, it can be predicted that the charging pile market space is expected to reach 430.0-76.53 billion yuan in 2020, and the leading enterprises with wide layout, good site selection and excellent technology will be at that time. Benefit.

The following dry goods presented by the smart internal reference:

In the past few years, it has been widely believed that many chaos in the charging pile industry has led to slow improvement in charging efficiency, difficulty in profitability, and worrying development prospects. Since 2017, some early-stage enterprises have been surrounded by negative news such as bankruptcy and delisting. Although the enterprises that have survived for a while have built a large number of charging piles, they have always been trapped in the difficult situation of profitability. The industry seems to be in the cold for a long time. in.

In general, the profitability of the charging pile industry is mainly due to the following three points: 1. The charging demand is uncertain, there is a risk of oversupply, the company is not willing to venture into the market, increase investment or improve technology; 2, charging pile use efficiency Low, the charging operation profit model is unclear, the companies that have the courage to try are heavily invested in the early stage, but they cannot obtain a stable source of income and cannot support their long-term planning. 3. The lack of effective integration, the operators are fighting each other, and the consumer charging experience is poor. Both ends of supply and demand are chaotic and disorderly.

And now there are many signs that the above three major symptoms have been substantially alleviated.

First of all, mainstream automakers at home and abroad have entered the new energy vehicle market. The number of electric vehicles has continued to grow, and the direction of motorized electrification has been determined. As a result, the demand for charging facilities has risen sharply;

Secondly, the reason for the low efficiency of charging piles is that there are objective components of the market environment (the amount of electric vehicles is not high, the owner's willingness to charge publicly is not high, etc.), and there are subjective components of the enterprise itself (poor site selection, low equipment charging power) , the company's development strategy is backward, etc.). From the perspective of microscopic single piles, according to our calculations, 7kwh slow-filled piles should achieve breakeven during the 5-year depreciation period, and their hourly utilization rate should reach 10%, while the utilization rate of 120kwh fast-filled piles only needs 3.6%. The increase in power can cause the break-even point to move down significantly. From the point of view of charging demand, the willingness of private car owners to use public charging piles is not strong enough today. According to the promotion plan of new energy vehicles in various places, the charging requirements of electric operating vehicles (bus, rental, network car, special car, etc.) have been It is very clear that charging the operating service fee to the operating vehicle has become a stable source of revenue for the post enterprise. We estimate that the market space in 2020 is expected to reach 430.0-76.53 billion yuan, but the ratio of electric-operated vehicles to public fast-filled piles in China. It is 3.55:1, and it has an upward trend. The gap in the construction of public fast-filled piles is huge, and the profit prospects can be expected;

Finally, with the establishment of the industry standard system, the degree of interoperability in the industry has gradually increased, the charging interface and information exchange have become increasingly unified, and the consumer process of charging the pile and paying the charging fee has become increasingly convenient, while the construction of private charging piles is subject to the residential property and the grid. The multi-party coordination of the system, with the continuous increase in the number of private electric vehicles, private car owners will gradually choose to use high-efficiency public charging piles for energy supply.

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