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German Energy Strategy - Green Pioneer (World Energy Wind)

As one of the most industrially developed countries in the world, Germany has always regarded energy strategy as the lifeblood of its national development. However, due to the relative lack of energy resources, energy security has become a major constraint for Germany to become the world's number one power. From the painstaking pains of the two world wars, to the return of the German industry to the center of the world stage, and to call out the Industry 4.0 plan, Germany has also anchored a new energy strategy center, that is, a green transformation centered on renewable energy. This time, Germany not only regards renewable energy as the leading energy source for maintaining its industrial power, but also exports its green development concept and technical system to the world by virtue of its advanced industrial system, superb industrial technology and flexible market mechanism. In the context of the current global advocate for clean and low-carbon transformation, Germany's green transformation has gradually moved from being a leader to a global green drive driver and navigator.
    The source of green transformation: energy security

    Looking back at history, every energy transition in Germany was originally intended to solve the country's energy supply security. After the industrial revolution, relying on rich coal resources and iron ore from neighboring countries, German industrialization has progressed rapidly and has become the world's leading industrial power. After a brief back in World War I, Germany realized the strategic value of oil and purchased a large amount of oil from Romania and the former Soviet Union for military reserves. After the demise of the Second World War and the protracted war, German oil was gradually exhausted and became one of the important reasons for the defeat of Germany. The two oil crises of the 1970s brought a huge blow to German industrial development. Subsequently, in the process of vigorously developing natural gas in Europe, Germany also built a large number of natural gas pipeline networks, becoming one of the most important natural gas transportation transit countries in continental Europe. But for energy security reasons, Germany is determined to shift its energy strategy from fossil energy to nuclear energy and renewable energy.

Green Transformation: Innovation Driven
     From the perspective of resource endowment conditions, in addition to relatively good wind energy resources in Germany, solar energy and hydropower resources are not prominent. However, since the implementation of the green transformation strategy in Germany, renewable energy has developed rapidly, especially wind power and solar power. The installed capacity has ranked third and fourth respectively in the world, and non-water renewable energy generation accounts for 30% of the total. World number one. Such achievements are mainly due to Germany's continuous innovation in institutional mechanisms and technology industries.

Finally, cultivated awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, and increase the participation of the whole people in green transformation. The success of Germany's green transformation is inseparable from the support and participation of the people. On the other hand, it is inseparable from the vigorous promotion and active guidance of the German government. The German government has set up more than 400 energy efficiency information consulting services to ensure the institutionalization of social participation Through various publicity media to inform the public how to improve the utilization of renewable energy in heating, power supply, travel, food, etc.; Putting the public interest into practice, the family and farms that use solar energy with relevant equipment can receive Corresponding government rewards. China's large population base, high per capita e Nergy consumption, raising the awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection for the whole people and the enthusiasm of using renewable energy will have an infinite impact on China's energy green transformation.

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