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Analysis of the development trend of China's heavy truck market in 2019

The hot market in the heavy-duty truck market in 2017 is well known. The sales of 1.117 million vehicles in the whole year set the highest record for heavy truck sales. Among them, the increase in January and February was as high as 122% and 152%. In 2018, the domestic heavy truck market remained strong. The monthly sales in January, March, April, May and June all set new records. However, the market started to slump for four consecutive months in July and ended in November. situation.

Analysis of the development trend of China's heavy truck market in 2019
According to the data, in November 2018, the domestic heavy truck sales volume was 86,000 units, a year-on-year increase and a year-on-year increase. At the same time, the cumulative sales volume of the domestic heavy truck market from January to November has exceeded 1 million.
Looking back at this year's heavy truck market, the domestic heavy truck market has experienced a period of rapid growth and continued to slump. Overall, the sales performance of heavy trucks in the first half of the year is still very strong, except for the heavy sales in February due to the downturn in the Spring Festival sales season, the decline in the industry's business climate and other factors, in January, March, April, May and June. Monthly sales have set new records. In the second half of the year, the market's sales volume declined, and sales fell for several consecutive months from July to October.
In November, the market's downturn turned better, and sales growth helped the annual sales volume exceed 1 million units. Among them, the favorable market for natural gas heavy trucks has driven the market growth. In recent months, demand for natural gas heavy trucks has continued to grow. From late September to November, demand for natural gas heavy trucks and production and sales continued to rise. This is mainly due to the arrival of the northern heating season and the coal storage season, and the road coal transportation market is picking up. Second, the domestic gasoline and diesel prices have risen, the oil and gas price has further widened, and the road freight rate has been sluggish, and natural gas heavy trucks have been more consumed. The choice is; the third is the promotion of the use of clean energy commercial vehicles in some cities in the third quarter and the fourth quarter, driving demand growth.
In addition, there have been reports that infrastructure projects will start in succession, which will also drive the growth of the heavy truck market.
Heavy truck market forecast for 2019
In November, the performance of the heavy truck market was strong, and the sales volume turned to a downward trend, and the cumulative sales volume exceeded 1 million units. In December 2018, there will be 12 months left, and the favorable factors for the start of natural gas heavy trucks and infrastructure projects will further promote market growth. It is expected that heavy truck sales will also have a bright performance in December, and the cumulative sales volume in the whole year will reach a new high.
The growth trend at the end of 2018 is expected to continue until 2019, and the positive factors will also affect the heavy truck market next year. It is worth noting that in the "Three-Year Action Plan for Winning the Blue Sky Defence War" issued by the State Council in July this year, it is mentioned that before and after the end of 2019, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the surrounding areas will be eliminated. More than 1 million vehicles will bring heavy truck consumption demand.
In addition, the advantages of new energy heavy trucks are highlighted in the context of environmental protection and over-going policies, fuel and energy prices, and low road freight rates. In 2019, natural gas heavy truck demand continues to rise and will become a major growth point in the market.

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