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How to choose nylon cable ties and stainless steel cable ties

From the beginning of its birth to the present, nylon cable ties have undergone a baptism of time. For various purposes and in order to adapt to various environments, many types of cable ties have been born. Among them, there are two kinds of nylon ties that are the most common in life. Some people often confuse the two and feel that they are all equally usable. The two are very different. The two are nylon cable ties and stainless steel ties. The purpose of these two types of ties is very different. What are they? The difference, should be used in what place, how should it be used correctly? Let's take a detailed comparison of stainless steel cable ties and nylon cable ties.
     Nylon cable ties are made of various types of PP chat PE materials. We can see the figure of nylon cable ties in various places, bundle the wires, what is the internal wiring of the computer chassis, and the two interacting electrons. The instrument is fixed in a piece, we will use nylon cable ties in these cases, and nylon cable ties, the material is weak, soft, generally used at normal temperature for 2 to 3 years, that is, the service life is relatively The stainless steel tie is very short-lived. It is resistant to corrosion and can only withstand more than 200 N of tension. The temperature requirements of the cable tie environment are very thin. The applicable temperature needs to be between 15 and 65 degrees. This makes nylon cable ties not suitable for use in harsh environments, while stainless steel ties are generally made of 304316 steel. Under normal use, the service life of stainless steel ties is about five times that of nylon ties. After the applicable life of the shelf life, the stability of the bundled object is basically not to be worried. The service life is limited by the material, and the surface of the steel will oxidize and appear black. Spots, stainless steel cable ties have very strong corrosion resistance, and the tensile force is 3 to 5 times that of nylon cable ties, so the use of stainless steel ties and nylon ties in one place is really overkill. Ah, it can be used normally in the case of -50 to 150 degrees. In the normal environment, there is no environment where stainless steel cable ties are not suitable.

        Where are these two types of straps used separately? We know that the scope of application of the two is very wide. For example, a single type of nylon cable ties can be bundled with a buckle, which can be widely used in electronics, machinery, agriculture and other industries. There are many places for common nylon cable ties, such as electronics factories, lighting, electronic toys, etc. When applicable, we need to pay attention to the following things.

       1. First of all, we know that the nylon cable ties absorb moisture. In order to avoid the performance of the nylon cable ties being affected during use, we should keep the unused cable ties as much as possible, and open the nylon ties in a relatively humid environment. After the packaging of the belt, the amount of Energizer is used up in a short period of time, preferably in one day, or the nylon cable ties are repackaged before use.
       2, in order to be able to firmly fix the article, some people often try to pull the nylon cable ties, pull can be, but please do not exceed the tensile strength of the nylon cable tie itself.
       3, the bundled items do not have corners and corners, which will greatly shorten the service life of the nylon cable ties and even cause danger.
       4, the diameter of the bundled object can not exceed the nylon cable ties, but also need to leave a part, at least 100MM or more.
       5, the application of nylon cable ties, in addition to manual manual strapping, there is a very convenient and quick tool can be used with the strapping, that is the cable tie gun, when using the cable tie gun, please according to the size and width of the cable tie, etc. To determine the strength of the tie gun use.
      After ensuring the above, you can use the nylon cable ties, nylon cable ties and stainless steel cable ties. It is better to say that the cable ties are better. It can only be said that in terms of use, which one is more suitable for the current situation.

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