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What is the difference between a wire trough and a bridge in weak current construction?

        The bridge frame is a general term for a system of continuous rigid structures for supporting cables by straight lines of trays, ladder frames, bends, attachments, and supports and hangers.
  The cable tray is a cable laying device that standardizes, serializes, and generalizes the laying of wires, cables, and cables.
  Here we need to mention the concept of a trunking. Many people mix the bridge with the trunking and think that the functions are basically the same, but it is not.
  There is a big difference between the bridge (CT) and the trunking (MR, also marked SR). The main purpose is that the bridge is mainly used for laying power cables and control cables, and the trunking is used for laying wires and communication cables;
  The bridge frame is relatively large (200×100 to 600×200), and the trunking is relatively small;
  The bending radius of the bridge is relatively large, and most of the troughs are bent at right angles;
   The span of the bridge is relatively large, and the trunking is relatively small; therefore, the fixed brackets have a large difference, and the number of the supporting hangers is large;
 The bridge has special specifications (see CECS31.91 for details), and the trunking has no special specifications.
 The fixing and installation methods are different; in some places, the bridge is not covered, and the trunking is usually a cable trough with a cover closed to carry the cable, and the bridge is used to carry the cable.
 Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the selection of the bridge, so as not to choose the wrong and not achieve their intended purpose.
 The traditional bridges mainly include: trough cable trays, tray cable trays, stepped cable trays, large span cable trays, combined cable trays, flame retardant fiberglass cable trays, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy cable trays, etc. These are also the bridges that are currently used in China, mostly closed bridges. What kind of bridge is used in what kind of environment, this is a very important issue.
 The trough cable tray is a fully enclosed cable tray, which is most suitable for shielding interference of control cables for laying computer cables, communication cables, thermocouple cables and other highly sensitive systems, and for cable protection in heavy corrosive environments. Good results.  

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