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What are the fault detection terminals in the daily life?

If the terminal block fails, it will directly affect our use. If you want the terminal to be used normally, you need to perform fault detection on a daily basis. What are the specific inspection places? Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction.

1. Short circuit resistance value check
First remove the wire terminals on both sides of the control computer ECU and the sensor, and then measure the resistance between the terminal blocks and the body of the connectors on both sides. When measuring, one end of the rod is grounded to the body, and the other end is measured on the wire connectors on both sides. If the resistance is greater than 1 ohm, the wire and the body are not short-circuited.
2. Check the wire on and off

First remove the terminals on both sides of the control computer ECU and sensor, and then measure the resistance between the corresponding terminals of the terminal. If the resistance value is not more than 1 ohm, the wire is normal for the next inspection. When measuring the resistance of the wire, it is best to gently rock the wire in both the vertical and horizontal directions to improve the accuracy of the measurement. Also note that for most wire terminals, the multimeter watch bar should be inserted from the rear end of the connector, but for the The waterproof terminal block of the waterproof case cannot be inserted from the rear end because the terminal is deformed with carelessness when inserted.


3. Terminal appearance and contact pressure check

First, remove the terminals one by one, check the connector terminals for rust and dirt, and clean the rust and dirt. Then check if the terminal piece is loose or damaged, and if the terminal is fixed firmly, the terminal should be loose when it is gently pulled. Conversely, if the plug terminal in which the seat hole is pulled out is easier than the other seat hole, the seat hole may cause a malfunction of contact failure during use.

How about, after reading the above introduction, everyone knows that there are those places where the terminal fault detection is done!

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