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Bare terminal industry development core

Compared with developed countries, China's industrial production automation level can see a huge gap. In the 12th Five-Year Plan of the country, it is proposed that the manufacturing industry should be effectively upgraded, and advanced equipment will be developed in the future to promote the manufacturing industry from large to strong. Connector technology has been further promoted in the field of automation equipment connection by virtue of its superiority.
Bare terminals tend to diversify
China's bare terminal and bare terminal industry competition will become increasingly fierce. The potential capacity of the market is considerable. The existing market has formed a certain scale, and its development is maturing. It is extremely normal for resources to be plundered in the future. With the continuous advancement of technology, the stability of product quality has gradually increased, and the competitiveness has become stronger. In the future, bare terminals will be diversified, and different types of products, including rail-type and bare-plate terminals, will meet the needs of different users.
Energy saving, environmental protection and connection efficient and practical
Although bare terminals are used as ordinary accessories, their functions are not negligible. With the continuous popularization of automation equipment, the requirements for bare terminals are also increasing. How to achieve more efficient connection and environmentally friendly manufacturing materials should be considered by current terminal manufacturers. As an excellent bare-terminal service provider in the industry, Shanghai Richeng pays more attention to the effective and practicality of products. The high-quality bare terminals will be the priority for your choice of terminal manufacturers.
Energy conservation and environmental protection will always be a constant topic in the development of industrialized society. Along with the opening of China's relevant policies, many domestic brands actively responded to the government's call to reject the production of inferior terminal products and turn policies into practical actions. Nisshin will also carry out the energy conservation and environmental protection together with the industry colleagues with the latest attitude.

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