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Insulated terminal advantages

The insulated terminal is a metal that is made of insulating plastic and has holes at both ends to allow the wire to be inserted better. It is fixed or loosened with screws after insertion, but it is a simple product. Those outside of those who you didn't understand?
1, security
One of the insulated terminals is used in the electrical industry, so this product must be guaranteed in terms of safety. Therefore, the insulated terminals are completely in compliance with the standard in design and production. Once any part of the product has problems in production, then That batch may be re-manufactured to ensure that each insulated terminal reaches the customer's hand is the perfect product for each customer to use.
2, durable
Don't think that the insulated terminal is a small product. It feels that this product is very durable. It is broken in a few times. The manufacturer of the insulated terminal has carefully considered this problem in design, so the inspection equipment also has the same. Strength testing equipment makes the product more durable.
3, metal
The metal used for the insulated terminal is copper. It is believed that customers know that copper is the most common metal material. The conductive effect of this material is very good, and the insulated terminal is not made of ordinary copper but T2 copper. Pressed and tin-plated and rust-proof after the production is completed, the service life of this product is greatly improved.
4, plastic
There must be customers who think that the insulation terminal is made of plastic. The plastics we use are common. If you think so, then you are wrong. The insulation terminal is made of insulating plastic and is more insulating than ordinary plastic. The safety of high-assurance users is of course also very common. PP polypropylene is also used as an insulating part. The effect is also very good.
5, specifications
There are many types of insulated terminals, each of which is produced according to the needs of customers. There are garden pre-insulated terminals, fork-shaped pre-insulated terminals, pre-insulated terminals, and other various types of customers. If you can't find the product you need when you buy the insulated terminal, you can also be assured that most of the domestic insulated terminal manufacturers have already supported the customization. If you can't find it, you can take a customized service to customize one. Insulated terminals that you use yourself.
6, easy to use
The use of insulated terminals does not need to be introduced. Most of the customers should have already met, so why do you say that this product is easy to use? Even if you are a customer, you can quickly get started after you purchase this product. Use it to avoid being annoyed by the cumbersome installation.
The above content introduces you to the advantages of this product, which is helpful to you. If you are the first to know that the customer of the insulated terminal can read it carefully, it will help you.

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