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Photovoltaic power generation boarded the National Day float!

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, a grand military parade and floats were held, and 70 floats passed. Among them, there is a float that attracts attention. The 2020 wins the fight against poverty and the theme of the float is moving forward. As an important force to help the poor, PV has emerged as a gift to the 70th birthday of the motherland!

Photovoltaic is approved by the state

Photovoltaic power generation has become the world's number one, and it should be the proud capital of the country. On the floats that won the fight against poverty in 2020, there is a private house with photovoltaic power installed on the roof to show the changes brought by photovoltaic power generation to the countryside and farmers. Especially on the road to poverty alleviation, photovoltaic power is not small.

Photovoltaic power generation can make blood, and the energy-saving effect of energy saving and emission reduction has been recognized by the state at the grand celebration ceremony. It is also a glory of photovoltaic power generation. In the past 70 years, China has also undergone tremendous changes. China has also emerged from poverty-stricken countries. In 2020, it will fully realize poverty alleviation and embark on a comprehensive well-off society. The same is true for photovoltaic power generation, which is gradually entering the lives of civilians. The roofs of every household can be installed with photovoltaic power and enjoy the benefits of green energy.

The state supports photovoltaic power generation without diminishing

If there are people who doubt the country's support for photovoltaic power generation, you can show him that on the National Day floats, photovoltaic power generation is installed on the house. It can be seen that the country is strongly encouraging rooftop photovoltaics. Photovoltaic poverty alleviation has made great achievements. Many rural villages with limited resources can install photovoltaic power generation only on the roof or open space, solve the living problems of poor farmers, and increase their income, which can both blood and hematopoiesis. Photovoltaic power generation can not only save energy and reduce emissions, but also make money and bring in income. This is an important reason that is popular among the people. The installation of photovoltaic power generation, if the mode of "spontaneous use, surplus power online", the electricity that can not be sold from home, can also be sold to the country, it is a big event for the benefit of the country and the people. This PV has been on the 70th National Day float, which fully proves the position of photovoltaic power generation in the leadership. The state's support for photovoltaic power generation has not changed. The support of the people for energy-saving and emission reduction of photovoltaic power generation will not change.

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