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State Grid has invested 18.35 billion yuan to build a grid project for the Winter Olympics

A few days ago, according to data disclosed by State Grid, the State Grid Winter Olympics grid construction project has invested a total of 18.35 billion yuan.

First, in the power grid construction, a total of 18.35 billion yuan has been invested. Based on the highest standards of power supply for the previous Winter Olympics, 27 Winter Olympics supporting power grid projects will be constructed and completed on schedule. The power supply reliability of the competition area will reach 99.999%.

The second is to invest 1.57 billion yuan in green power supply to complete the 81,000 “coal-to-electricity” supporting power supply projects and the construction of 6 charging stations in the core area of the Winter Olympics. The green power transaction electricity exceeds 100 million kWh. A large-capacity hydrogen energy generating vehicle.

The third is to establish an "integrated" service guarantee model for venues and venues to achieve a full-process, one-stop service, and make every effort to guarantee the Winter Olympics test matches and race matches.

Fourth, in terms of cooperative sponsorship, the company signed a contract to become the official partner of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the Paralympic Winter Games, and build a National Grid Winter Olympics image exhibition hall to help promote the Winter Olympics.

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